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Who puts the Jojoba before BP?

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Hi, I am French, my English is bad, sorry

Who puts the Jojoba before BP?

I put it last year. Good work

But last month, acne is back. I know that Jojoba oil before BP is not exactly the Regime ! But it's the only thing that keeps me without flakiness and burns.

I tried the BP before jojoba oil: oh my god, my skin was so flaky! It was not possible for me!

Does Jojoba oil before BP can cause breakout one year later? :think::think::think::think::confused::confused:

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I started the regimen about 2 week ago and my skin acne has been in control since except for one zit popping up I am satisfied so far. But recently my skin has been very very flaky so after reading couple of posts on acne.org I started to use jojoba before BP and it has been much better. Just make sure after to go like this

Clean - Face wash

Jojaba Oil

Wait 5-10 minutes


Wait 30 minutes


This has really helped me with the flaking.

and at night time I use AHA+Jojoba instead of BP

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I use jojoba oil before BP and have been for some 1 1/2 years now. I suspect your recent breakouts aren't a sudden new reaction to using jojoba before BP, but rather maybe unintentionally using less BP than you need to keep clear. Lots of people have their acne go away and start using less BP without realizing it, but then their acne comes back because they weren't using enough anymore. Try using a little more BP for the next few weeks and see if that doesn't take care of these new breakouts.

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Thank you for answers!

Brandi told me to try not to put the Jojoba before BP.

I'll try to do

But I fear flakyness!

I'm going to try the method of COOL AS KIM DEAL : jojoba before cleasing and massaging it and leave the jojoba oil on my face for about another 10 minutes and wash my face off.

But can I do this every day?

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I don't thing I use less BP :think::think:

I want try your method : massaging jojoba oil before wash and rince off before to put BP.

Can I do it every day, once or twice a day?

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