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oily and flaky at the same time!

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Ok here is my problem. I have been using Dans reg about 18 days now. My skin is looking alot better and I am almost clear, but I feel like if I don't slather on moistuizer my skin gets flaky and nasty. But later in the day it gets oily with flakes around my nose. Is their a different moisturizer over the counter that I can use besides olay that will make my skin normal and soft and smooth while fighting the flakes?

Also my neck is sooo dry and scaly but I never even apply bp to it. what is going on!?

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You might try Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. It almost always takes care of the dryness and flaking.

The dryness on your neck is probably due to the bp migrating either during showering or washing, during sleep, or if you moisturize your face and rub moisturizer on your neck you may be accidentally dragging the bp there.

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Hi,I have the same flaky/oily skin problem,so I use a facial scrub few times a week,it removes all dead cells pretty well and also a facial buffer from The Body Shop helps a lot too.



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You might like to try honey masks, or Aloe Vera Gel. Both have significantly helped me with evening out skin tone, reducing oiliness, hydrating skin and making it look healthy :D

Just a thought, maybe you've already tried these, or maybe you haven't but I think they're worth a shot.

I get Aloe Vera out of the plant in my garden (only the inner leaf aka clear (NOT yellow!) stuff) and smear it on, then wash off after about an hour. I find I have to wash it off, because when it dries it makes your face tight... but when you wash it off it's all good again :D You can also buy Aloe Vera in supermarkets and health stores- most of the time it's in the after-sun care section (it's GREAT for sunburn!).

As for honey, just get your normal honey and smear a thinish layer on your face for about an hour.

Also drink lots of water everyday- it does help! I drink 2L or more, but be careful to even it out though the day!

Hope this helps you.

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