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Super duper gentle stuff

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Okay so I'd say I have mild acne and it's mainly along my jaw line, but it's annoying because it follow a pattern: a few weeks clear and then I break out and that lasts for a while. In the past I used to have it really bad, but over the years it has let up quite a bit, but still a problem. When I did have it bad I tried over the counter stuff and most of it sucked terribly.

My skin is super weak and dries out from everything. Salicylic acid just makes me break out and BP works kind of but isn't worth the feeling that my skin is going to fall off (I know about the percentages, so please don't mention that I should try a lower %).

I'm looking for something (preferably natural) that is super gentle and doesn't dry out the skin much and is super quick to do. Another thing that drove me nuts in the past was the time it took for BP to absorb and doing that twice a day I might as well have made that my occupation.

Right now all I do is wash my face in the morning and night with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. It's the only product that doesn't make my face fall off and actually helps a little bit (and it's cheap).

So any suggestions on things to try?

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Guest missyjean130

Kiss My face acne treatment

has tea tree oil...much more gentle than benzoyl peroxide

also could try burts bee's acne tea tree oil product.

I have sensitive skin but not to the extent you described.

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I would suggest two things, both are very gentle.

-Pears glycerin mild cleanser bar (its really gentle, not neccesarily just for acne)

-and then Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin astringent.

Both are very gentle, and worked for my sister who's skin is very sensitive to most products. I haven't tried it myself because I need a more powerful cleanser for my skin type and everything.

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