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Help me pick a foundation!

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Hello! Currently, the make-up I use is Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation. I think it's too thick of a foundation, even though I thin it out by mixing it with moisturizer. By the end of the day my face looks shiny and you can see the foundation caked around the areas where I've applied more. For example, this is how I always apply: Mix the foundation with my moisturizer (Neutrogena Sensitive Skin), and apply with a sponge pad; next I blend with a circle cotton pad to make sure it's even; then I put a little more foundation in my palm and again apply with the sponge, and only swipe over areas that need it (say, my chin and forehead). Those areas are the ones that get cakey later on.

I used to use Maybelline's Pure Make-Up but that actually broke me out. (I had the theory that it was giving me chin acne, and a few weeks after I switched to Neutrogena it basically cleared up. Sometimes I'll get a chin pimple but not those big red ones I used to get!!!)

Anyway, I also think that since my current foundation is a bit thick, I'm not removing all of it from my skin at night, which is probably contributing to my break-outs. And too much washing (which I do in order to remove the make-up) really isn't helping. (And yes, I have a good make-up removing cleanser.)

I'm looking for a light, yet good coverage, liquid foundation. It's more for giving my skin a polished look, since my complexion is a little uneven. I'm more concerned about that than covering up a pimple (assuming those pimples will go away once my pores are no longer clogged with make-up residue). The kicker is, it has to be drugstore brand. I can't afford the expensive ones.

Thanks =)

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I myself went through the whole make-up switching process recently and found out I love love loveeee mark Face Xpert Flawless Touch Makeup. It's not too heavy, feels great on my skin, you'll probably need a concealer to use as well though - I've been playing it up lately between cover girl fresh complexion, NYX concealer jar, and mark Invisible Touch Perfecting Concealer. It gives good coverage, it last about from 2pm-maybe 10 or 11pm, that may have been due to also using a primer beneath it. It is one that's not a drugstore brand though, if your able to order online it's only about.. 8$ Other than that one a actual in store brand I've found to be decent is Revlon Colorstay.

For getting off all make-up I've found using a toner works good, that way your not over washing your face, and your sure you've removed it all. ( I was pretty shocked how much make-up was still left over once I bought a bottle of witch hazel to use as a toner. )

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Thanks for the info! I did some investigation and decided to buy Revlon Colorstay (and a Maybelline coverstick...I figure this way I won't need to layer foundation over spots). I applied it and I really like it so far =]

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