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Bezoyl Peroxide causing cancer.

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I just found this information on some Polish website. It says:

Ostatnie badania (zapoczątkowane przez Babich’a H., Zucherbraun’a H.L., Wurzburger’a B.J. w 1996 roku) na zwierzętach potwierdziły, że nadtlenek benzoilu indukuje rozwój niektórych nowotworów. Dlatego osoby z rodzin o dużej zapadalności na choroby nowotworowe nie powinny przewlekle stosować preparatów z nadtlenkiem benzoilu. Prawdopodobnie fitosterole, karoten i witamina E zapobiegają szkodliwym skutkom nadtlenku benzoilu.

It says that some doctors did some experiments with animals, and it showed that BP can increases chances of getting cancer. So if many people in your family had a cancer in your past, you shouldnt use so much BP. ALso it says that probably vitamin E, karoten, and fitosterole (I dont know how to translate this) can decrease side effects of BP (cancer)

I dont know if its true or not, but I wanted to inform you, about my research.

Thats it

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Luckily for us the Poles haven't been right about anything for over 600 years.  I wouldn't worry until a real country confirms this.
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