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Before starting the regimen

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I have always had mild acne since age 19, but more or less I kept it under control with various topicals, including Proactiv. However over the past 6 months, and especially starting in mid December I started having reall bad breakouts. It started with one or two cycsts, and being impatinet that I am I messed around with them, squizzing them, trying to make the white stuff come out, but in vain, I bled from them after putting a needle through one of them. since then I started having breakouts like crazy, and some of the one come to the surface and I cant keep myself from not popping some of them. I try to pop less, but I still pop one here and there

Do you guys think that this is a cycle, and as long as I pop even on epimple, its gonna come some other place? The erason i am sking this is because for the past 1.5 months, my face really got worse. First my right cheek, then my left cheek.

Now I started using BP again, the regimen, and it seems like it might be calming my face down, but i still got couple of cycsts formin, maybe they started before the regimen.

I never got this kind of deep acne, do you guys think its cause i messed around with couple of big boys on my face and they are revenging?


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