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tired princess

vitamin e on accutane

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my derm told me while im on my course of accutane i would have to take 2 400ius of vitamin e twice daily....

is everyone else doing this?? do you haveeeeeeeee to?? i dont understand what its supposed to do, i feel like it'll make my skin worse?? i have been doing it for the past 2 months now..

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Some say it helps alleviate some of the side effects of Accutane. Some studies show that it does no such thing.

Personally I find that when I take Vitamin E, I get some little blackheads and whiteheads. When I'm stop it, my face becomes clear. Individual experiences probably vary. I think most people on this forum take Vitamin E with their Accutane regimen.

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Recent studies have shown that the RDA for Vits. B, D, and E are set much too low.

I know with Vitamin D specifically, increased doses (more than 10X the current RDA) have shown to help alleviate everything from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression to Fibromyalsia.

I know you can OD on vitamin C, but I have never heard of it happening with E.

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I don't see why it will hurt.

BTW, isn't 400iu x 2 too much? 400iu is already 13x the daily recommended dosage.

beats me! lol, i know on the bottle it does say you can take it once or twice daily. and my derm had told me to do it twice daily.

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I don't think you can OD in Vitamin C, it's water soluable.

Oh... you can!

I've over dosed with Vit C, I got little red bumps (chicken pox like) all over my body+face+ears+hands+fingers+ALL OF IT.

LOL.. It's not that serious just emberesing to go out.

It was gone after a day.

To the topic:

My derm hasn't told me anything about vit E, didn't take it.

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