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On Differin, Waxed eyebrows (oh no!)

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Hi, I've been on Differin since June and didn't know you weren't supposed to get your eyebrows waxed while you're on it. Unfortunately, I went in for a wax two days ago and my eyelids and the area above my eyebrows have had large raised red sensitive marks ever since. It's gotten a little better since it first happened, but I'm really afraid of scarring. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Does anyone know of a good treatment or trick to prevent permanent scarring from occuring? Thanks so much for any help.

=) Meg

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Cool compresses will help reduce the redness (put a clean wet washcloth in the refrigerator and apply to reddened areas).

Polysporin will also help, a light layer should be more than enough. Or Aquaphor. Neosporin is ok, but the cream is better and doesn't have comedogenic ingredients as the ointment does. Polysporin has only the antibioitic and the base.

Please be sure you're also using sunscreen when outside for more than 15 minutes.

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it happened to me once REALLY, REALLY, REALLY badly!

3 inch long by 1/2 inch wide patches of skin were completely removed above my eyebrows, a patch between and even under both eyebrows. i looked like a monster for 3 days or so. and i basically just applied neosporin all the time...everytime i looked into a mirror. although i do remember when it crusted over i did kind of "help it along." probably not the best idea.

the good news is after 3 days i could cover it completely with make-up and in a week or two it 100% healed!

sorry that you are going through that...i remember it was sooo upsetting for me!

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Thank you both for your advice. I'll go out and get some polysporin right away. I'm glad to hear your marks went away eventually. Hopefully mine will too - they look a little better today.

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