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Week 5: I think this is like the 2nd biggest breakout with Differin. BIGGEST breakout was my 2nd week. I have acne all over my face now. FAIL. HAH. But, I still stick to it. I believe in Differin. BTW, I'm using .3%

I'll be updating each week.

I need some questions to be answered:

1. How long is the initial breakout period?

2. Any signs that show that your acne is about to start clearing up? Or like a week that it would start working?

3. I have a pimple full of blood. What should I do with it? Hot compress?

4. If Differin doesn't work, and I need to use Accutane, will I have to go through the IB AGAIN?!

5. Differin swelled up my cheeks. How should I remove it?

Please answer my questions.

OH my routine:



Wash face with Cetaphil Gentle Face wash

Moisturize w/ Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion w/ SPF 15


Wash face with the Cetaphil Wash.


(I don't apply moisturizer because I only have the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. Also, I want differin to work and not want a moisturizer to negate some of it's effects. But, when I don't use moisturizer, my skin feels just a little tight.)

^My routine good?

Any suggestions or questions? Feel free to reply.

Thanks guys.

Please encourage me to stay confident and not quit on the Differin journey.

SHOOT wrong place to post! Please delete admins and members, please read in the log destination. Thanks!

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