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clearing up basically my experience with acne, well worth the read i finks

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ive had spots for about a year now. i got them in the build up to my exams, and i am in england, hence all the stuff i used is available in england, i am a male, and a lot of my mates do not have one single spot, being of a foreign origin with their perfect "olive skin" gutted when i look at it, envious or what! my brother being 2 years older than myself also got spots just as bad as me, so it was quite inevitable. however he has now cleared up from what he believes to be the use of the sunshower.

during the summer, my acne wos clearing up, and i fort by the time the summer holidays had finished it wud be gone. however, i took on another job to save up for a car. i wos working extremely long days, i mean the type of days where u look for a couple of hours to catch up on sleep! i was also eating subway whilst doing this job, which does contain a lot of e numbers, which i do not think helped. anyway, i broke out, worst than before. i got greasy very very quickly, and was stressing me out! i remember one day when it just felt like someone wos lightly running their hands over my chin, i was covered in tiny little red pimples by this point. i wos feeling pretty down.

then i got the spots around my cheeks again. it hurt to smile, they were big bumps of what appeared to be blood. as a last resort i shaved, and used the other side of my gillette fusion razor, (the single blade) to slice the spots, and to my relief blood just oozed out, i know, sounds grim, but it was such a relief!!!

i was desperate to stop this annoying tingling feeling that i recieved everyday, i kind of gave myself a crash course on the whole acne, almost worthy of a PHD! haha. neway, i discovered this website, and it wos like a godsend, i found it wos extremely helpful how people were so honest, saved a lot of time trying pointless things. at the end of the day, i discovered the problem, i mean dont get me wrong, i realised i had acne, haha, i mean i discovered wot wos causing my acne. i was tired, i cycled about 6 miles aday, at 5 o clok in the morning, then at bout 4 o clok in the aftanoon, only to go onto another job. it really didnt help me, and then i was stressed, one of my bosses wos giving me a really hard time, only just moving into a new job position of which i needed to do everything his way unfortunately, the other job wos extremely challenging, as we were continually busy.

anyway, everytime i caught my reflection, it just brought me down and down, i resorted to using the sun shower, i went in for 6 minutes at first. i have to say, it did help at first, it felt almost purifying, but i fink it brought out spots on my back which i had got rid of before. so i wos reluctant to use this. i started surfing again, and i can tell you, in my opinion, the best fing for acne, is a good day in the sunshine and sea, it gives u a tan, so ur spots dont look so bad, and also tones ur skin with the sea water, and surfing is sooo much fun!

i still had a problem with my greasy skin, which i believe to be the major original cause of my outbreaks, with those familiar with how spots outbreak will understand. i scoured for resolutions to this. i continually asked myself, why does no body else has greasy skin? the obvious reactions from my parents was, "its just ur hormones", perhaps it was, but the way i see it, is fuck my hormones, im covered in spots, you know, you need a good fix, and quick!!!!

i tried lemon, which is an almost therapeutic feeling, but not very good for ur skin in my opinion. the doctor i saw, recomend benzoyl peroxide, but continual use made my skin flakey, which she said should happen, and i kept asking bout moisturizin, and she sed no, let it flake off! so i did, and just ended up with dead skin on my shoulders, it wosnt pleasant, especially having to brush my shoulders every ten minutes.

by lunch time, i was greasy again, and i almost felt the grease coming up from my skin. not a nice feeling. at this time my routine was, wash my face with tea tree oil and warm water, and then shower, then pat my face dry, which is incredibly important! never rub ur face! then applying the body shop's brand of tea tree lotion blemish fade. it smells great, and is incredibly soothing if ure feeling particularly shit, all nice and pepperminty.

a last resort, i used a clay face mask, i originally fort it wos an incredibly gay thing to do, but who cares when u needed it as bad as i did!! my god, it was awesome!!!!! i could feel it almost lifting the grease out of my skin, very therapeutic, and it also dried up a lot of my active acne. i stopped using the blemish fade from body shop, and maybe out of coincidence my greasiness stopped. i believe it is the lotion i was using.

i also shaved before applying the clay mask, which is advised on this website, i believe it also helps to smooth out the face, so a few weeks went by and here i am. almost a conoisseur on acne, praying to god that i do not go through what i did, ever again!

everynight, i wash my face with warm water, making sure its not too hot, as it brings out spots, and not too cold, as it does to cleanse properly. i feel the sink up with water, and add some antibacterial soap, none of the scented stuff on the market, just pure and simple bacteria killing soap. i massage it into my face all over, and pat my face dry. i then shave making sure i rub the shaving foam into my face, instead of just putting it on, but i only shave every other night, then i pat dry again and apply a clay face mask all over my face, and heading down to my neck. the one i use is a blue one, by olay. i leave it on for generally 15 mins, until it has dried, and take attention not to move my face at all, as it never dries properly if i do. then i sponge it off with a sponge dipped into warm water, and then shower.

i pat my face dry once again, and am then ready for bed. i ensure i sleep on my back, and not the side of my face, as in my experience, this just aggravates acne.

i now like to apply aloe vera gel, which i bought from holland and barrett, it was quite cheap, and it says is 99.9% aloe vera, and i dont really care wot the other 0.1% is. haha. but its soothing, and is healing my face well. i do not get half as many spots as i did before, and i can rub creams into my face without going through that degree of pain which is a great feeling.

if i do feel a spot coming on, i leave it alone, as i wos trying to pop one tonight, but it just wasn't going for it, and i ended up creating a red mark on my face - gutted! :(

the best advice i can give from my experience is stay calm, get sleep, and wash regularly, but not too much. i am now hopefully going to clear up,

let me know what you think on my experience, and if u want some advice, ill try and help with my own experiences.

thanks for reading, and good luck

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