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Da Real BucK

Foods and drinks I should consume or avoid during accutane?

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I heard I should drink water? how many cups a day?

I heard I shouldn't drink soda or 'fizzy drinks', is this true? Should I avoid sugar completely or will it not really make a difference?

I heard I should to take Vitamin E, is this really essential or helpful?

Anything else I should avoid or take?

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Guest missyjean130

You'll know how much to drink once ur on it lulz. But carry around a big jug with you,you should drink to the point that ur pee is lighter than it was b4 tane..thats my rule LOL

vitamin e is good to take, but it doesnt help side effects

Eat/drink rly healthy

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LOL as missyjean said, you'll know once your on it...very true. You'll feel quite thirsty...well, more than thirsty...more like dry mouth dry throat.

As far as foods go? I think I heard somewhere that you shoudl avoid foods in VItamin A? Not too sure...might want to look into that.

ALSO, there was a post from one member that she took vit E and fish oil and she broke out in rashes, had heavy headaches, and her body was achingly sore. Once she stopped, it went away.

Hope this helps.

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