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Ok im really scared to get off my tetracycline antibiotics because i've heard that the acne comes back ...so whats the point of this medication?

also are there people out there that stayed cleared? semi cleared? or did it all just come back please tell me im scared...

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Why do people take it ? Because it makes them clear. I think whether you stay clear varies. Why don't you just stick with it?

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I'm on it right now. My derm insists many people have longterm success with it. He says it is used more as an anti-inflammatory than an anti-biotic, so bacterial immunity is not a big issue. He says should that occur, going off it shortly and then back on it again should solve it. So far, he seems like a good derm & makes the effort to educate all his patients on acne & the different types & treatments (much like acne.org site).

You have to continue to take this medication as long as you have acne though, it is not a cure or a temporary treatment with longterm results like accutane. So if you go off it, of course your acne will come back because you are not treating it anymore. Never quit it cold turkey either...you have to ease off it slowly if you do stop.

Just remember that many of the people who come back to this board are looking for more answers, the ones who get clear & stay clear don't need to come back.

Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive, because since I've been on this my inflammatory acne is flaring up again :doubt:. However, I admit to being bad about taking it twice day, every day as I am supposed to.

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I was on minocycline (100 mg, twice a day) for about 6 months and during that time it was amazingly effective. I had virtually no acne at all. Then, during approximately the seventh month, it simply stopped working entirely. I even tried going back to it after 8-10 months, but it was no good. It may depend on the person, but in every case that I've ever heard of, all antibiotics eventually cease due to developed antibacterial resistance. With normal flora like P. acnes, it's not at all surprising.

As far as I know, minocycline at that dosage is as powerful as any doctor I know will prescribe. It's the strongest tetracycline derivative and has the broadest range of the group. Once you've taken it and it officially stops working for you, it's highly doubtful any of the others will have even a minute effect. However, if you're on one of the lesser tetracyclines (e.g., doxycycline), it might be worth your while to try the mino-.

I know. The whole process of finding something that worked only to have it eventually fail upset me too. That's been a recurring theme in acne treatment for a lot of people. Then again, I knew I couldn't take the stuff forever anyway. I knew the resistance would probably become an issue, and the liver probably wasn't designed to take that kind of abuse indefinitely.

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