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Ive been on every things possible, minocyn, tetracycline, doxycycline with minimal side affects. then of course i was on accutane on and off for about 2 years with very good results, best time of my life. However aventually my body just said NO to that as well as i was no longer responding and all my acne and oily skin came back. Then i started using the DKR for over 7 months with b5 and minocyn tablets daily, yes it worked wonders for that period of time but now my body has just over-run that as well with the big spots coming with it.

As i have oily skin the only thing that seems to help is keeping it less oily, i do this by taking B5 supplements 4 times a day at a expensive price, i only want the best for my body, which is now starting to affect my bank balance. Its a constant mission just to keep my face clear and really frustrating. Now im nearly 19 and i honestly think i still have it bad.

I've read people using just water and being kind to their skin for a couple of months and thier skin just automatically cleared up so ive stopped the DKR, stopped the harsh soap wash and now just taking b5 vitamins with the occasional minocyn tablet if i get bad spots.

Im South African and my Dad had bad skin, but when he was 19 he grew out of it in the army, this may have been because they were at war at the time, there was alot of sun, and he didnt use any harsh products, just water.

NOTHING! works for my skin maybe the only way to clear it is to be kind to it and just slowly grow out of it. does anyone have any suggestions?

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