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need help please

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anyway...sorry for the rant...so yeh how long can i expect this to last before it subsides? i certainly hope its not long

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i'm so fucking pissed off...after 2 months of problem-free accutane i started getting really bad joint pain, and so i've had to stop taking it...i really dont want to risk permanent long-term fucked up joints, and my acne is pretty moderate so i probably shouldnt have been on accutane in the first place, i just wanted a quick fix and my dermatologist is a doormat (prescribes anything anyone asks for).

anyway...how long is this pain gonna last, now that i'm off accutane? has anyone had any experience in this that they could share...i really feel fucked up and pretty damn depressed (even suicidal) at the moment, i just feel like my lifes crashing in around me (i cant play sport anymore, accutane failed me, a whole hosts of other problems that i wont go into).

anyway...sorry for the rant...so yeh how long can i expect this pain to last before it subsides? i certainly fucking hope its not permanent like some other ppl on this forum.

For many it subsides a few months after finishing the course. I believe Sarah came off it recently and her joint pain has subsided, still having some hip pain though I think. For some it lasts up to 6 months, others like me over a year now, others 15 years, others it's permanant.

If you stopped taking tane after 2 months then I think your chances of it going away for good are high in the next few months so don't stress. As with anything in life though, there are no guarantees except death.

Stay strong. Look at the BP regimen again as even though it may of failed the first time your skin may have changed since accutane and your acne may respond better now.

Tone down the swearing a little too yeah, there are younger members on the board ;)


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I agree with Greg that you should look at the BP regimen again. Also, since you took Accutane for such a short period of time, the chances that you will feel better once it completely clears your system is definitely greater than those that took it for longer periods of time. You will feel better soon. Work on eating healthy and rebuilding your strength. The more positive things that you do, the more positive your life will become, trust me. Feel better!

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My doctor took me off Accutane after 5 weeks and one of the side effects I was having was joint pain. Now I have been off for 10 days and I feel better already. A little pain but not much, and my lips are still dry and skin and eyes but they are getting better by the day.

Acne really sucks its amazing how bad that shit can fuck with your life and your head and how much it causes people to change. I know everyone says " oh just learn to live with it" "some people don't have legs, or some people are homeless" "you have to accept it".

I know thats a good attitude to have, but when your acne becomes severe it is a whole different story. It goes beyond just being a little embaressed because you have a spot. I know it changes how people look at you and how people act around you. And how its mostly just this silent thing that nobody will talk about.

Lets face it, acne may be pretty common but severe acne is not common at all. Neither is having acne for a decade. The majority of people have absolutely no idea what it is like. And have no idea how hard people can struggle with it. Or to the extremes people go to to treat it and have no results.

Its not just some thing that instantly made me this depressed. Acne has always had some effect on me. But having it constantly for so long is what has worn me out. If it was just mild acne I probably wouldn't even mind.

And yeah, I admit, having mild, moderate acne is fucked up but I've lived with it and it hasn't always been severe like now. And it doesn't actually effect how people look at you and I know confidence stands out more and personality. Trust me I know this, since I was in like 7th grade I could get girls so easy without ever trying. I've had girls fight over me, come right up to me and ask if I would go home with them. When I used to go and party alot I would hook up with a girl every single time it seemed. I've always had acne but at the times when I have been nearly clear, very mild acne I am so confident with girls. I don't know I can just talk so much and be the center of attention and just have girls fighting over me. But when my acne is severe it changes me and I get so pissed that i'm still dealing with this shit, and I can tell how different people look at me. Like at times I have been in a store and a group of girls would just come up to me and ask to hang out and with severe acne I just get akward stares from people.

And it doesn't help cause who is gonna be able to act confident and charming with blood and puss coming out of your face all day.

I don't even know what I am typing right now but I am venting.

Its not like when I see another person with really bad acne I say "oh look, bad acne and scars don't really look that bad or obvious at all" I more just instantly feel really sorry for that person and hope mine doesn't look as horrible.

I also think that having acne is alot harder when you are older compared to being a teen. When I had acne when I was a teenager I always hated it but accepted it more cause i thought it would go away eventually and it was way more common to be with people with acne. Now I turn 22 in 2 weeks and having really bad acne now is worse than ever. Also because not a single person I know has and acne beyond the rare single small whitehead. It just sucks like when I go out ( which I haven't done in a long time) and I look around me with 70-100 other people and I am the only one with any noticeable acne and it is Severe, obvious from any angle, completely covering all parts of my face and some of my neck.

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yeh sorry for the swearing...its just that i have a lot on my plate at the moment, so much stuff is happening to me and i constantly feel down and depressed.

thhe thing is, i never tried anything like the BP regimen. I've had acne for about 2 years, and i only started really caring about 3 months ago when i started getting reaaaally bad breakouts.

tried BP 5% for a while. didnt work. tried antibiotics for a week, but i cudnt handle the diarrhoea (as in having to chuck a shit 3-5 times a day). so i just went straight to accutane.

i kinda regret it now, but i have cleared up, and if it wasnt for this knee pain, i'd be really happy. hoping it goes away soon, its been about 2 days so far and it hasnt really changed (in fact its spreading to my elbows now :S)

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Hey kaveman,

Just replying here to enlighten your mood. Fight the good fight and yea, acne sucks but like people in this posts said, Its better than not having a leg or an arm.

Question: Were you playing sports, heavy lifting, working out, etc?

My doctor said I shouldn't do heavy contact sports such as football, basketball, etc and that I shouldn't lift weights since Accutane slows down the regenerative properties of your tissues. However, I also read somewhere that there are supplements (sorry I forget the name) to loosen, strengthen your joints. You might want to look into it.

As far as life goes, I feel ya bro. I'm fuckin sick of acne. Had it for eight years and it literraly is controllign my life. My lows are when my breakouts are flaring and my good times of my life si when my face is clear. No joke. I started taking Accutane to end it once and for all ( I hope ) and I am going to stick through the 6 months no matter what it takes...well, yeah. So chin up bro

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i have been doing a bit of weights for upper body, not too intense but. maybe hitting the gym like 4 times a week.

but the pain in my elbows is pretty minor, more just a discomfort than anything. the knees are killing way more, and i havent been doing squats or anything.

i guess i do walk around univeristy, play soccer, cycle, etc a fair bit, but at the moment those are things that i really cant give up if i want to avoid suicide.

its like i dont know what to do...if i dont go out and stay active i'm at home all sad and depressed and suicidial, but if i do go out i feel the pain.

life sucks for me...thats all i can say.

but thanks for the support guys :)

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