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recent scaring

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I used a light peel on my skin, and I think I used an harsh exfoliant too soon and it seem to cause some I think skin tears and the skin texture is worse. Should I stop doing peels and just use exfoliant?

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also could the collagen increase be making scars look deeper?

The reason they may look deeper now is because collagen decrease, the scar is probably old and what you did is wipe out any progress you had over its life time. So the peels basicaly ate up filling that occured thru out the life of the scar.

This is common with peels that you damage the skin rather then improving it, just stop and hopefully in 4 months things will return to normal. Peels dont do anything for the slightest of scars but yet people on this forum are still doing them. You might get some slight improvements to the sides of icepicks but will ruin your skin texture in return. Stay away from peels people you will have regrets the more you do them. You will make your pores larger and create more craters and destroy good skin. Then you will look into other treatments to fix additional problems and it snow balls from there. Please stay away from peels, they do not work on the tiniest of scars. It might make them slightly appear better but nothing that's worth this big risk of damaging your skin. It will also never make any scar totally disappear, no matter how small.

Please allow your skin to heal and hopefully things will reutrn to normal in a few months.

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