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Hello :) I'm hoping to add in a glycolic acid of some sort to my regimen to prevent acne, treat scars, help slow down the aging process, etc.

I've heard a couple different things though about using AHA's long term. One thing I read is that it will *help* increase collagen and elastin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the future.

The other thing I read was that it can actually make skin WORSE off in the future, making it more vunerable to aging.

I can't find the actual study, but the quote came from this thread here-


Alpha Hydroxy Acids for Skin Health?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are the rage in skin preparations. They slough off the outer layers of skin, leaving new skin, plump with moisture, extremely sensitive, and vulnerable on the the surface. Initially, this makes skin look smooth and young. However, alpha hydroxy acids dissolve the intercellular "glue" that holds the surface skin cells together, so they are a repeated irritation and an insult to delicate skin.

New research at the University of Pennsylvania shows that prolonged use of alpha hydroxy acids worsens the signs of aging over time! In fact, the study showed that when application of the alpha hydroxy acid stopped, wrinkles actually appeared deeper in skin that was irritated during the treatment than before applying the alpha hydroxy acid! Why? The skin becomes inflamed with the harsh acidic treatment. The natural inflammation response triggered enzymes in the skin to begin devouring the collagen proteins that normally provide the underlying structure to skin cells.

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There are currently no known dangers attributed to long-term AHA use. Glycolic in particular is the most researched AHA and it is well-known as being safe for everyday use. A while ago I posted several excerpts by Dr. Denese concerning exfoliants and the myth that it thins and weakens the skin in the long run. She basically said the skin is a dynamic organ that is constantly growing - AHAs only help to encourage collagen growth. I personally wouldn't worry.

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Ohh your post makes me feel a lot better, thanks :D

Yeah I've noticed there's been conflicting studies about glycolic acid. Some say that it thins the skin and will someday increase aging, but most say that it will do the exact opposite and encourage the growth of collagen. I hope it's the latter :)

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