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This is my first post, so, I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to put this...yeah. I've been looking at this site for days now trying to figure out different solutions for acne and decided to join up and post about what I've been doing (much of it because of what I've read on here). Anyway, let's just get down to the topic at hand (this might get a little wordy...you can skip to the end if you want):

I've been using several different products on my face for years. I've had acne ever since I can remember, mostly around the face; on the chin and nose. It started spreading to my cheeks back in the middle of high school and ever since then it hasn't really stopped. That is until recently. For the past 2 weeks I've changed everything, and devoted myself to clearing up my face. I was using different OTC medications which seemed to cause only temporary relief, and after a while they would stop working altogether. Now, in the past two weeks, I've had probably one new breakout, and that (I believe) was only because I was stressing out about college. Anyway, what I've been doing is using rubbing alcohol (yes, I know it's probably not the best thing in the world for a lot of people, but it has DEFINATELY worked for me. It kills new blemishes in about a day and dries up my oily skin) a few times throughout the day, a pure Vitamin E gel after that to counteract the dryness, and a scar treatment (that's enriched with Vitamin E as well) called PreferOn (yeah, the stupid thing that seems like a gimic) about four or five times a day. I also use hydrocortisone cream twice (or sometimes three times) a day, right after I wash my face with either an antibacterial soap or Head and Shoulders (I actually just started that based on what I've read here). During the first week of doing all this I noticed a large difference in the overal complexion of my face. It seemed much more natural and a lot less red, especially in the places that don't have any breakouts. My skin feels so much softer now, and I'm pretty sure I owe that all to the Vitamin E gel.

I just bought Vitamin E supplements over the weekend, and so I'll be taking two of those during the day in order to help it from the inside as well. Also, I've been reseraching different B5 supplements and treatments that seem to have good resluts, but I've yet to purchase anything. My parents are being a little stubborn over that for some reason.

Also, I've started watching what I've been eating, and I've been trying to get more healthy foods, different fruits and stuff like that into my diet. I've also been trying to hit the gym more so than usual, but that's proving to be the most difficult part of all of this, seeing how I'm just so lazy.

The problem is, while my face seems to not breakout as much (if ever really, save for one or two small ones), I can't seem to get rid of the red marks left after belmishes I've had several years ago. Maybe I'm just being impatient, but the ones that have only been around for a few months seem to have almost cleared up (they're still there, but much better). It's mostly around the chin area, and it's starting to frustrate me. I've set a goal for myself to finish this year with as clear skin as possible, and while it seems like what I'm doing is very much improving my condition, I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing everything I can.

I'm not really sure what I'm asking for here, maybe just for a little more information on what you've all done for your red marks. I've looked over this site countless times at the different topics in here, and I've tried many things that have been recommended. It's just frustrating when everything seems to be working, but yet the older marks still remain.

(And just so it's clear, the marks aren't scars, I've checked with my dermatoligists. And yes, I know the marks will fade with time...but I'd LOVE to get rid of them faster. Maybe I'm just impatient like I said, but I want good skin damnit! :wall: )


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