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Well, today has been my 'rest' day. I ate somewhat healthy and decided to add in a few of those garbage snack foods, before I start anew tomorrow. Remembering the lyrics of my favorite Peter Tosh song, I got to start all over again. So tomorrow I start a new diet, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free, sorta a paleo diet. I'm pretty positive about this, feeling great at the moment and listening to Bunny Wailer. So, if any of you care to keep in touch with my progress, I'll be keeping a progress log or whatever you wanna call it on here, with pictures and all that good (bad?) stuff, keeping a diary of everything I eat, drink, and my cleaning methods etc. I have a few questions for people though if anybody wants to answer em..

What do you think of aloe vera? I'm not into ANYTHING store sold (too bad I can't grow my own food lol) so I took the liberty of cutting off some fat leaves of my aloe vera plant and got the gel out of the middle and added a tiny bit of water and put it in a mason jar, a sort of 'aloe vera paste', if you will. I made the mistake of leaving it on all night once (thinking it'd help) and I woke up to about an inch of disgusting oil/grease on my face and it was really red (not really an inch..but the most oil Ive EVER had on my face). So won't be doing that again, but maybe keeping a mask of this paste on my face for 10 minutes or so and washing it off? You guys think it'll work?

Is it ok to cook chicken/turkey in olive oil over a stove?

What are some good greens to throw in a green smoothie? So far I've used cabbage, any other good ones I should know about?

Do you guys suggest I do a fast before I start this diet? Like a 2-3 day water fast or something? I don't want to do it..but some people say doing a fast will get quicker results and helps when starting a new diet...so what do you guys suggest?

Thanks for all your help, even the smallest tips and hints are greatly appreciated!


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If you have gut problems like undigestion bloating and so on ... Than do fasting and + liver flush... after that finish those both start taking probiotics and digestive enyzme..

I belive 99% undigestion and gut problems direct linked to acne!!!

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dont heat up olive oil

use coconut oil instead...olive oil is for cold/warm dishes only

I am pretty sure aloe vera itself has some kind of poison

and u have to boil it to get rid of it ( if u want to eat it that is.. I never applied it raw on skin)

If u r serious on ur diet...I recommend not to eat any kind of meat at first


eat the food list below "alkaline"

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Oh no I wouldn't EAT the aloe vera. I heard you can, but I'm not sure how to consume it and..considering the horrendous smell of fresh aloe vera, I don't think I would want to try. But the aloe plant contains a lot of healthy stuff in it which helps skin to 'rebuild' itself. I don't really have scars, maybe some tiny ones, but aloe is especially useful in healing scars (over a long time of course) because it contains several minerals or vitamins or something which are the basic blocks for new skin. So applying aloe vera can help reduce scars and etc, and its also anti-inflammatory, which is why it's used for burns. If you ever get burnt put some aloe vera on your skin, it'll feel LOADS better instantly.

I'm actually planning on going until Saturday-Monday without any meat. As of now I'm going to be eating fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and green smoothies, plain 100% natural oatmeal, chickpeas, and brown rice. I'll probably toss some olive oil in my smoothies or something because I can't stand the taste of olive oil plain on salads or whatever. I eat plenty of spinach, and all sorts of fruits, tomorrow I'm going to get some melons and stuff I guess, I make a bunch of fruit salad, that way I get a nice variety of fruits in my snacks, instead of trying to memorize which fruit I should eat to get certain nutrients or whatever..keepin' it simple haha..

I checked out that site...I'm not really into looking up all the different types of the millions of problems that can be wrong in our bodies...I mean in my eyes its simple. Eat healthy. Whats healthy? Well common sense says to me healthy is, fruits, veggies, fish, meat, plenty of water, olive oil... things like that. As far as getting required nutrients, I've sorta fixed my 'regimen' into a way where I get all my vitamins and etc, but thank you anyways, because it sorta helped me figure out which foods may be better than others to eat within what I'm eating anyways.

And what happens when you heat up olive oil? Is it bad? I mean my mom cooked chicken in olive oil and it tasted pretty good so I figured it was ok...

and I have a question for anyone who's willing to answer, how should I cook salmon fillets? I have frozen wild salmon fillets and I'm not sure how to cook them...just in the oven? Thanks..

Too bad our government is a bunch of bastards, I would like to try and eat some hemp seeds.

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And I mean...I'm not a Ph.D health expert or nothin', but what better a diet than what our neolithic and paleolithic ancestors adapted and evolved on for thousands of years? The human body is developed in a way that we eat meat, plants, and drink water...basically. If you start cutting things out and going 'well this has some of this stuff in it thats not necessarily 'healthy'" your body (I would assume) has to adapt again, to this new diet. I think we should try to balance it all out, be natural with ourselves. The more our body has to work the worse it is ya know? Of course there are different problems that can get in the way of course..but in general I think we should just eat what our ancestors ate. What can go wrong?

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