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Which moisturiser

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hello uk user's

could anyone recommend a moisturiser that is good for sensitive dry skin

is urban rites facial relief the best one to use? as i only need a temporary one as i will change to eucerin renewal once iv been on regime for several weeks


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Im not sure about how the regime works,Or if it makes any difference.

But id reccomend the "simple" products. You can buy them from most retailers but superdrug has best choice.

I use the hydrating light moisturiser, Worked a treat and i had very dry sensitive skin on ro-acc.

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i would recommend the urban rites moisturizer. it just concentrates on moisturizing, and is good at it. it doesnt have SA in to clear blackheads and is not mattifying to reduce oilyness. it just moisturizes.

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this is by far the best moisturiser ive used, its quite prices at £7 but really worth it, its non-com, dermatological, fragrance free, and gives protection from the sun which aggravtes acne. ive been on the regime on and off for 18 months, and this is by far the best.

alex xxx


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I would recommed urban wrights mosituriser. I jus started using it and i am well impressed you can order it on the uk products page. A lot tof things with the regimen is trial and error. Also i would advise againest any of the "simple product" they are to over drying.


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ive been looking at that Neutrogena Visibly Refined Pore Refining Moisturiser but it cost so much and its only a tiny tube :/

i am currently using nivia vissarge oil free moisturiser and it ok.. not great but ok biggrin.gif

ps . what does Hypo-allergenic mean?

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I have only just started using the Urban Rites moisteriser - but yeah it seems very good - not too greasy and doesn't turn my skin red!

I also have the visibly pore refinsing moisteriser but I am not sure about that - its got retinol in it and stuff (not 100% sure you should be using it at the same time as BP) and it seems to highlight my spots making everything look blotchy and red, rather just stick with a straight moisteriser, also - yes its VERY expensive.

(I also have Aloe Vera Moisteriser - but thats a bit greasy and Boots Tea-Tree + Witch Hazel Day Moisteriser but this has alcohol in it and actually appears to DRY my skin as opposed to moisterising it rolleyes.gif )

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