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What breaks YOU out?

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I want to see lists of things that, from YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE, cause breakouts and give you acne. What I DON'T want to see are lists of things that your grandma or the media tell you are going to break you out.

So, from my own experience... here are the things that break me out (in order from highest to lowest):


- Sugar (although NATURAL sugars from fresh fruit and fruit juices, as well as evaporated cane sugar... have a very minimal effect on me)

- Milk and ALL dairy (my current alternatives are: unsweetened or vanilla hemp and almond milk, but no rice milk because it contains carrageenan... which also gives me acne)

- Salt

- Iodine

- Red meat (beef, pork, lamb, veal)

- All commercial and processed foods (snacks, chips, etc.)

- Lack of antioxidants in my diet

- Excessive oil in food from cooking methods (ie. using too much olive oil when frying)

- Excessive omega-6 intake

- Egg yolks (but egg whites are OK)

- Too much soy (it's really high in sodium and unknown hormone regulating substances)

- Excess gluten in my diet

- Too many nuts (likewise, to prevent acne - eating the same nuts in MODERATION is the KEY)

- Food preservatives and coloring

- White rice

- Chocolate (but 70%+ organic dark chocolate in moderation has the opposite effect on me)

- Too much caffeine (2+ cups a day constitutes too much for me)

- Alcohol (although red wine once in a while doesn't do much to me)


- Stress (the BIGGEST cause of my acne)

- Out of whack sleeping patterns

- Lack of exercise

- Masturbation (although once in a while... like once a month or so... is OK for me)

- Lack of relaxation

- Not washing my face twice a day (twice a day is what we should all do - no less, and preferably no more)

- Not getting enough sunshine

- Not socializing with people

- Not going out... spending too much time at home

- Keeping my house too hot (cooler house temperature is better so that your skin doesn't sweat as much)

- Spending too much time dwelling on all my problems

- Having too much free time and not doing anything productive with it

That's all that I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there are more factors (I'll add more later as I come across them again).

How about you guys?

P.S. We'll most likely prove some myths wrong about diet and masturbation not being connected to acne... since I bet most of you will be putting diet and sexual activity as factors in your acne as well. So those people who say that diet and sexual activity do not cause acne... better watch and learn from our feedback. ;)

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REfined sugars and white flour wheat might break me out. :)

I think white rice gives me little acne.. but eating white rice like 2-3 times a month wont give me acne at all

I eat lots of cashew raw , doesn't effect me, guess im lucky cause cashew raw are healthy and is Delicious =]

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1. Milk (I'm not saying dairy because I can tolerate cheese in the levels that I eat it and don't consume any other dairy.. so I can't comment)

2. Stress

3. Irregular sleep schedule

4. Alcohol

5. More than 2000 calories a day

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i haven't noticed my diet helping or hindering my acne problem. i'm on a much healthier diet now (no soda, more fruits and veggies, no meat, and organic snacks) and my acne has never been this bad. but i did notice in the week i was drinking green smoothies, my acne was lessening. and stress doesn't really seem like a factor either. i'm under less stress in college than i was in high school and even then my skin looked a lot better. who knows.

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I can tell if something makes me break out cause...

1. Im in a part in my cycle where i am or is past have usually have clear skin.

2. Within 12 hrs- a day of eating it my skin is more oily and I have blemishes appearing.

That is just me.

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Nuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, anything made with sunflower oil, ham, sausage, stress. Within 1 to 2 wks I look like I have chicken pox on my neck and only there. Just my system, Elf

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diet doesn't have anything to do with acne, lack of vitamins and water can, because you are left with a weaker immune system. Other than that food doesn't have an effect.

And the thing about washing your face twice a day. You really only want to be washing it once a day.

Most people get worse acne from over doing it, soap can also clog pores if you wash to hard.

The more you wash your face and strip it of natural oils the more its going to create oil.

My advice to anyone struggling with mild acne. Wash your face once a day, at night with a antibacterial soap and only rinse with water in the morning. Do this for two weeks, also wash your hair at night, oils from your hair can get on your pillow and cause breakouts. You should be changing your pillow case 1-2 times a week to begin with.

After that week, I hate to plug products but the dermalogica micropholiant works really well. Use that with a .5% BP wash. If you have really dry skin, use moisturizer other wise dont.

Do this over two months and you should be pretty clear of brake outs.

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Thanks. The thing is - I normally do have clear skin... but I just have certain things that trigger temporary episodes of acne in me. For me, diet is a major trigger (I can eat something that provokes acne in me, and literally... some hours later I get a few pimples). Some lifestyle issues can give me breakouts as well.

Thanks for the advice on washing... it's definitely important not to strip any natural oils cause the body will produce more to compensate for the loss.

I think another thing that can make acne better or worse is a person's psychological state. If a person is always negative about his or her situation, then they feel worse and their whole body follows their state. I noticed that when I'm completely non-concerned and apathetic towards my few pimples that I get every now and then, then they tend to go away quicker than if I dwell on them and think about how much I hate my skin or my life - whatever. Right now I have another skin problem, which is nickel sensitivity, and the damn belt buckle causes really bad irritation below my stomach line... but I'm positive that even that problem will go away one day. So I basically try to feel good even when I know (by visual observation) that things are not going too good at the moment...

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The only things that I know for a fact break me out are hormones (I usually get a pimple or two around that time of the month) and sleeping with makeup on. I haven't been wearing makeup at all lately, though, so that hasn't been a problem.

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-binge eating

-sugar in any concentrated amount

-high GI meals/foods

-not getting enough exercise

-not drinking enough water



-washing incorrectly (too much soap, over washing, over exfoliating)

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Gluten, milk, cheese, any dairy really. I cut these things out of my diet a few days ago and i havn't seen a new pimple in days. I can feel a new bump coming in, but thanks the the low-inflamatory diet it has yet to become inflamed.

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STRESS! it gives me tiny little bumps everywhere like within 6-10 hours of my melt down.

SUGAR- doesn't necessarily break me out, it just makes my bumps inflamed and angry.


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