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Hey, I have pretty much got rid of all my spots on my face by using dans bp and a combination of other products. Anyway I'm left with these horrible red marks on my face I have looked around and some of it looks like hyperpigmentation and just some big red marks left from spots and a bit of scaring.

To my question should I stop using bp now or carry on using it because I have no spots left? Or is it bad to put it on my face with just red marks and mild scaring? I ask because in the morning my face looks ok then I put bp on it then it seems to increase the redness it could just be me as in mirrors at home looks ok then at college an hour later im as bright as a pizza but im pretty sure it just makes my face more red which I don't want.

Also for those reading with just moderate, mild acne my advice is get it treated asap before you get left with red marks and scarring. I had mild/moderate acne for about 6 months when I was 16 and I didn't do anythinig about it just used a face wipe every day and night. Now I'm 18 and I can honestly say the first 16 years of my life with perfect skin I never ever looked in a mirror or washed my face and the last 2 years I have looked in every mirror I see and washed my face about 20x what I did in the 16 years of clear skin. If I was more interested in getting it to go away when I first got it. I would have looked on the internet and found this site and bp which would have stopped me from having scarring and red marks in the first place.

Thanks for your time.

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