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Hi everyone. Im starting this thread to share the methods that worked for me in getting rid of the acne that I had for over 8 years. First, let me explain what kind of acne I had. I started getting light breakouts when I was about 13 years old. It continued to get slightly worst over the next few years, mostly small pimples and blackheads on my cheeks, chin and neck. I had semi-oily skin but small spots on my face were always dry, scaley and flakey (next to my nose under my eyes, and on my lower cheeks). I used many over the counter medications, soaps and one prescribed product (differin) but nothing really worked, only kept my breakouts to a minimum before they came back eventually. I came across this site and the regiment 3 months ago and have been using it ever since, and for the first time in 8 years I have zero acne. This is what I do.

* In the morning I shower with warm water. I always shampoo/condition my hair first since Ive heard that they can leave residue and other stuff on your skin and then wash my face. I use a clear, mild soap called Phisoderm (the clear stuff that comes in the bottle with a blue label, not the milky white phisoderm in the green labeled bottle that drys your skin). I gently apply a generous amount of phisoderm and then rinse, letting the water run down my face from my head, not sprayed directly onto my face. I then shampoo and water. I dry off and then apply Pond's (Alpha Hydroxy) moisturizer to any dried out spots to my face. This is the only moisturizer thats ever worked for me in getting rid of flaking and scaley skin. Thats it for the morning (notice I dont use any BP in the morning unless I have an obviously, big zit in which case I apply a very small amoun of BP onto the immediate are)

* The next time I wash my face is at night before bed. I use warm(not hot, not cold) water and again use a generous amount of phisoderm, then rinse in the sink. I then apply in very small amounts the Pond's moisturizer to any dry areas on my face. Then, I use a generous amount of Oxy 5% Bp all over my face and upper neck, not going over any spots I used the moisturizer (no zits usually pop up in the dry spots since there's no oil there I suppose). I tried using the BP in the morning and then using moisturizer over it but it always came out messy, and the change to the phisoderm soap pretty much eliminated any need for moisturizer on the face in the morning since it never dries out my skin. Then I go to bed.

* Besides washing and BP there's lots of things I do to keep my face clear. I try to drink water throughout the day and stay away from too many deepfried foods and colas. But the change in diet isnt' a big deal. I try to never rest my face on my hands, for this I believe is one of the worst things you can do when you have acne. I take a multi-vitamin and vitamin E daily. The vitamin E is known to help with skin cell regrowth and fades away acne scars and red spots. I try to always keep my sheets and especially my pillow case clean, washing them twice a week. I never pick at zits or pop them, causes scarring. I try not to mush my face in my pillow when I sleep. I try to exercise to help promote healthy skin, if I exercise in the middle of the day I wash my face with warm water or just the phisoderm and water since its so mild and won't overdry. I try not to let myself be overstressed in life since its known to contribute to bad skin. All these things helped me get rid of the acne I had for 8 years in about 2 months. My confidence and attitude has changed and an occassional zit is a rarity. I hope this helps anyone that has been frustrated by acne for years like I was and I want to thank this website and everyone on the message boards who's input helped me creat my routine.

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