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accutane pigmentation

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Hi there,

I have made a post about this before which is a major concern for me. It seems other people may be suffering from similar problems.

I took finished taking accutane 6 years ago. It did well to stop the acne, but it left me with very dry sensitive skin, still to this day it is!

It also has caused other problems like dry eyes and hair (with some shedding), weird feelings in my head and some aches in joints etc. Yes like the side effects that you should really only experience while taking the drug!

I took a dose of 40mg a day for 6 months, which apparently isn't too much.

My main concern is my skin, and it's weak ability to heal! I still have redness from acne over 6 years ago, and new acne lesions will be red for months, before leaving a slight scar. It's like my skin is dead, I can't seem to get life into it no matter how hard I try! I don't know if there is anything I can do for this redness. It seems any mark will be red for a long time...

I have tried numerous things, perhaps there is something I haven't done? I would love to hear any suggestions. Thanks

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hi there, i dont think tanning will do the trick. Thanks for the input, I do think that it is an internal problem though...

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My red marks take a long time to heal as well... In artificial light I have like nearly no spots but as soon as I go in a moderately lit place my face is all red covered in those marks. better than acne though I guess.

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