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My needling Journal

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I have about 5 large scars on my chest.

4 pea diameter, slightly raised scars.

1 very large thumb nail size or bigger, very depressed/shrunken.

Better pics to follow.

I was treated by an old derm on these a few years ago. He injected them with x? and they mostly just came back to normal skin level. The biggest scar obviously got too much of x, and is now very shrunken.

He put me on roacuttane also.

I was also treated by a younger derm who did laser on my scars and injected some more of x?. He did an infinetely better job than oldman derm.

I bought some diabteic needles off ebay that are 31 guage thick and about 8 mil long.

Last night i needled one of the raised scars for the first time.

Pics attached. Sorry i forgot to take a before shot.

I jabbed it about 20 times from all different angle, and heard lots of little pops as the scar tissue broke up. Strangely it wasnt too sore when i jabbed the needle right into the scar. If i jabbed healthy skin it was sore, so i kindof knew when i was hitting the right spot.

I used savlon to disinfect, just dabbed on with tissue.





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in terms of treating the scar i was going to just leave it to its own devices (after disinfecting it of course with savlon)

But im thinking about using some Bio-Oil on it to see if it helps at all.

Anyone got any ideas?

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well im very happy with how my scars are healing. regular pics being taken, which i can upload if anyone is mad enough to want to see them

6 chest scars in total. 5 are gone or almost.

last one is a whopper and very depressed so i dnt know if it will ever raise back up. We'll see

Self needled twice now and its a simple effective process. Healing time is about 2 weeks so it can be very regular. More regular than seeing my crazy derm for 200 a pop!

Now i wonder if i could needle any of the depressed ice pick scars on my face?

Anyone know? I'll try a few and see...

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