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reappearing acne?

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i've been using this for around 7 months now? first 3 months was pretty good. most of my acne went away and i just applied a thin layer twice a day to get rid of the bacteria. as the months pass, i see some improvements, but still had a few dark spots here and there and some red dots. but now, i don't know why but i've been getting acne again. i've been applying alot of the BP on the spots where the acne is reappearing (the acne is alot worse than when i oringially started 7 months ago). i put alot on so that it's basically a layer of white BP on my skin (i do this when i go to sleep). is that safe? and... any reasons why i might be getting acne again?

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I have notice just slightly cutting back my sugar intake has improved my complextion majorly and have told other people the same thing and they have tried it to and it has worked for them. Now with that said. I bp all the time day night morning midday. Its important to wash your hands with antibiacteria soap before you put bp on your face. Also keep your hands away from your face as this will also promote acne. Also another problem is it could be the thin layer you were applying has finally caught up with you and now you have acne because their wasnt enough bp action going on. And now that your putting it on thicker you could be going through another initial breakout session because your skin could be adjusting to it. Also if you have extrememly oily skin and you are using any moistrizer dump the moistrize. Also the shampoo you are using in the shower could be agrevating you skin switch to Suave Daily Clarfiying Shampoo its the only shampoo i have found that dosent aggrevate my acne and believe me i have tried them all. Also cold weather or cold to hot weather shifts can aggervate acne as well. Try those things and see how you do.

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