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Small white/transparent strands sticking out of my nose

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I'm pretty much clear right now after using accutane and now im using Differin + Tetralysal, my cheeks forehead and chin are all clear and i never get "spots" anymore.

However my nose and the edges around it get covered in these little white strands of what must be oil.. they stick out about 2-3mm and i can pick them out of the pores with tweezers but they always come back.

Stuff i have done -

I have tried nose strips which rip almost all of them out but come back within hours and leave my nose feeling sore. I have tried facial scrubs (remember im using differin daily) which clears most of them for a few hours but also leaves my skin sore and dry. I have tried mild / sensitive / deep clean cleansers (you name it ive probably tried it) i have tried BP and daktarin gold.

I have a pretty good healthy diet and exercise regularly, ive tried cutting certain things out of my diet for 4 weeks periods (dairy / sugar / salts / red meats etc etc)

I have tried mildly exfoliating and also tried doing nothing at all (washing twice daily with water only and have "cool" baths/showers only)

I change my bedding weekly and also wash my bedding without fabric softner and i have tried various vitamin supplements.

What the hell are they and why have i started getting them and what can i do to stop it completely?

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