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Big bloody hole on nose after squeezing out blackhead/zit

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here is some background information. I have massive pores that stand out, i have combination skin with my nose being extremely oily, and have been using stievamycin, a mild acne gel that purges acne; pushing them up to the skin with very high exfoliation/

i squeezed a blackhead/pimple like thingy from my nose and there was a lot of blood under there and its like there is a massive hole on my nose with blood in it, it was as if it was a cut, the spot is all blood under there. also, i accidently scratched my nose and a line of blood which i believe to be the pores appeared. i scratched another part of my nose and skin flakes was coming off, i think this is a result of stievamycin because of the high exfoliation but this is only on the nose. is this normal or no? can someone help me? this happend yesterday and ive applied aloe vera gel on it but it hasnt gone away.

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hey , im just like you , squeezed a blackhead , turn to a huge bloody hole , after a few days it healed and blend with the other skin but it left a HUGE HOLE .... it has been almsot 1 week (or more ?) but it havent fill up on its own...

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