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so my doctor said to me today, Spironolactone isnt licensed for Acne use

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i had my appointment today with my gp, where i planned on asking for spiro, so that i can eventually wean myself off minocyline and just use spiro, maybe with retina-a.....so i asked..

and she looked puzzled when i asked about spiro, got her book out, and then said that spiro isnt even licensed for acne use, where had i heard people were using it for acne use (so i said ive read it online in reputable places), and she said maybe it is been 'tested' in some places for acne use, but that it isnt licensed for acne use. :think:

so she perscribed me lymecyline (mino is beginning to lose effectiveness for me gradually-been on it around 2 years)...and said she wants me to start taking that...i said you want me to just stop mino like that???????? im gonna break out (ive tried to stop mino cold turkey before-and it cannot be done)...she said, yeah just replace you're mino pill with lymecyline tonight, i said, but you just said its gonna take a month at least for it to kick in, so in that time, my face is gonna FREAK out....and i cant handle that...so she perscribed me benzoyl peroxide cream aswell and said to use that twice a day and i wont break out.

but doesnt BP take a while to kick in too??

im really worried and a bit upset, can anyone advise me on what to do please.


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that's weird your derma didn't know anything about spiro. spiro helped me SO MUCH w/ my hormonal acne when mino stopped working for me as well. and yes you will probably break out from the transition from mino to lymecyline (i have never even heard of that medication?)!! stick with it though if your derma says it's the right thing to do. sucks though because spiro works so great for a lot of people. no it's not usually perscribed for acne but it works wonders. & i also have never used bp-sorry......... but good luckkk!

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ah, im really depressed about the whole thing, i could just cry. i want so bad to try spiro. going from one antibiotic to another makes me sad, like im never gonna be off them, and im upset that i'll probably have a major breakout from switching, i really cant cope with that. she said its impossible to say if i will, but i know my skin! i know i will-and it'll be huge cause neither bp or the lymecyline will start working straight away.

is it wise to just switch antibiotics like that?

she said that i shoud make an appointment in just over a month so she can review if its kicked in, and if im not happy, she'll refer me back to a derm.



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I'm really sorry that you are having difficulty getting spiro through your GP, It has worked a miracle on me. I know how frustrating it is dealing with doctors that don't really understand things. I was like you for most of my teen years going to a GP who would just look in a book and give me another thing to try - non of which worked like spiro has helped me. I also suffer from very sensitive skin so using a lot of topicals tends to irritate my skin and make me look worse even if it does clear up some of the acne. Spiro doesn't work for everybody but it is definitely worth finding a Doctor to prescribe it as it is much safer then birth control and accutane.

good luck :pray:

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