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27 pills short, what do I do?

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I'm on my 15th week of roaccutane at 60mg per day, things are just starting to go really well, but I've just realised that I am 9 days short of my prescription before I see my derm on week 19. I called up to try and get a repeat prescription but they said that they couldnt do it and I was told it wouldnt matter as it stays in your system for 2weeks, is this correct or should I take myself down to 40mg to make sure I cover every day, I'm getting pretty paranoid because I've taken it religiously for 15weeks and hope that this wont set me back? What do you recon. James

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fuck me, yeh think I'll do that, but only once I've turned my room upside down lol. If so I'll do 80mg a day for 2 weeks when I get my next prescription, to make up for it. James

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I'm pretty sure I had the rite amount. Just coming back from uni and moving I think I may have lost them somewhere which sucks but its only 9days though and I'll make the dosage up with my next prescription.

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I'm on 80 mg and i asked the same exact question but i was more like 5 days short. My derm's assitant told me to split it up when i'm running out so i took 40 mg for a few days so i can cover everyday until the next appointment.

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