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Superdrug's Teatree & Peppermint Facial Wash

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Ok, so it's a little early to tell - but i've been using this for about a week now, and loving it! I got a big inflammed spot on the back of my neck, but it has pretty much disappeared over the space of today already. Ok, well - not disappeared, but it's just a normal red dot now, it's not inflammed hardly at all :). I'm really liking the combination - the Teatree is (iirc) anti-inflamitary and anti-bacterial, and the peppermint is refreshing and aparently reduces oil production.

Now the great part - they're really cheap :).

For £6, you get 450ml of the stuff - ain't half bad huh?

http://www.superdrug.com/invt/81140 is the exact one I use - there is also another which is a liquid but the pump thing turns it into a foam as you pump it. I think I prefer the gel though.

The great thing is, you buy 3 and get cheapest free - and there is a whole range of the Teatree and Peppermint products. I think I will get some of the gel moisturiser, and perhaps the nose strips - I tend to get blackheads there quite frequently.

I did one of the peel of masks today as well. They're 99p a pop, not so bad I guess. They're real strange though! Goes on as a gel, comes off as a thin latex-like layer when it's dry. Was surprising how much oil and gunk was on the film of the stuff, even after i'd bathed and cleansed!

Would be nice to hear anyone elses' experiences with these products :). So far, I think they're fab. The only problem is finding someone to give the free perfume samples to that come with each order :D.

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Ive used the foaming wash from that range and the spot gel but it never really did anything for me. I work at superdrug and get 30% off own label products so i wish it worked for me, id save loads of money lol. I might try the wash your using thou as i havn't tried that one yet. Just one more thing that range is nearly always on offer either 3 for 2 or 2 for £3.99 so its a good price

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I bought the foaming wash and the normal wash. I'm not sure which I prefer! I think the foaming wash is more economical - or that might just be because I use too much of the other, lol!

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I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but I've tried tons of products with peppermint oil in them and they kick-ass in the beginning but then seriously dry out my skin. I hope this doesn't happen to you, but I wouldn't use it long term. Maybe off & on would work better with something a little more gentle like Purpose soap.

Hope your success continues. :dance:

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