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Getting rid of hypertrophic scars on chest

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For years I had really bad acne and had to see a dermatologist. Eventually I took roaccutane which pretty much cleared everything up. My face is clear and my back is mostly okayish though still a little red. The problem is my chest - I've ended up with lots of what I believe are hypertrophic scars - raised bumps. Also, they really stand out because they're a paler white than the rest of my skin.

The whole situation is really getting me down - sometimes I look at them and think it doesn't look that bad, at other times I feel as if they look terrible. It's plain embarrassing. To make matters worse, I feel it's my fault they are there - perhaps if I hadn't aggravated my skin when I had acne, they wouldn't look so bad.

I've looked around to see if there are any treatments but it seems as I understand it that most acne scarring usually takes the form of pits in the skin, not bumps. Is there any treatment, whether a cream, surgery, or even something a little bit more natural that would make them go away or at least appear a lot less obvious?

thanks for all your help :)

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Look at my pictures. Body scarring is so overlooked because of it's rarity that we're just fucked. I haven't been able to find any effective treatment.

I too have many of these raised white bumps, it seems to be the most common form of body scarring. Someone once said they are called follicular macular atrophy. I'm not sure if this is right. They seem easy enough to get rid of, since they are so small and nearly insignificant, but I have never heard of anyone doing it. I'm looking into dermabrasion later this month and would suggest checking out fraxel repair or some other CO2 laser. Of course, this is strictly experimental since most doctors don't know anything about it and don't want to deal with lawsuits or problems. They'd rather just do minor laser procedures on 40 year old ladies with wrinkles. Whatever.

The more people we have with body scarring searching for a solution, the better off we should be.

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