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Accutane 3 months, Not Working

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I'm 16 and have had acne since I was 13.

After years of different topical treatments my dermo put me on accutane.

I have been on it for the past 3 months and I have seen no improvement, it has infact gotten worse.

At first I thought it was just the flare up they talk about in the panflets, now I am taking 2 a day and my acne has gotten much worse. My skin is so dry and my skin is so bad I feel terrible.

I dont want to go out of the house or see anyone because Im so self conscious, makeup doesnt cover it, it infact makes it look worse.

Does anyone know why there is no improvement, or if the medication might not work for me and how I should try to cover my pimples. (foundation just sits in the dry skin and also doesnt cover the redness underneath)

Thanks heaps.

x x

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ive read a few blogs Where this happend usually it gets Really Bad Before about month 5. then Around the End of month 4 it starts to clear up.

But thats just from some blogs i read. that may not be your case but it sounds about normal.

If your on the 5 month course.....then your like what half way about.........and id say it gets its worste right before it gets better,

Hence the term......darkest before Dawn.

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i know it seems bleak but have faith :) maybe accutane won't work, but then again it might just be taking longer than other people to clear up your acne. don't stress out though because it might make your skin worse and you don't want that!

lots of people know how you feel and that might not make you feel any better, but i found this site really helped me. just keep reading on here about other people and it really helps with support through hard times. accutane is a rough ride, but hey you might have clear skin in the end :)

hang in there. maybe try calling your dermatologist for reassurance, that would be good.

good luck, i hope you see improvement and find a solution :) and DON'T be ashamed of your skin. it's hard, but don't. there's nothing to be ashamed of.

good luck, again.


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zozz...........Please trust me.Thre months is nothing in most cases. My son is 15 and did not clear up till around 6 months and still not totally clear. The biggest difference was the end of month seven. He is on eight and only has one pimple. He will be done in two weeks. His face had no improvement in month three at all. I thought it was not working and checking this site non stop with fear. It worked finally! Some take longer than others. Be patient and hang in there.

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Don't fret yet, kiddo. My boyfriend was on accutane for 5-7 months before seeing good results. His skin also got dry, in fact, it was so bad for several months that every time he had a scratch or rubbed his face or shoulders, it looked like clouds of dust fell off of him. He hated it, but kept soldiering on. After about six or seven months, he was acne free, and his skin returned to normal. He's been off accutane for over a year now and is still acne free.

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