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Anyone have dry skin instead of oily.

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Everyone around here seems to be suffering from oily skin. I've never really had problems with oily skin, dry skin seems to be the plague for me. My nose is the oily part, especially the area between the nose and face. However, that area and my nose is the most clear beautiful thing I've witnessed.

Finding a moisturizer that moisturizes has been a pain in the ass. They all just sit there. I'm giving emu oil a try. It seems that people that don't break out from emu oil will break out from jojoba and vice-versa. Is this pattern true or there's no way to tell until you try it?

Anyone else there with naturally dry skin?

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i used to be oily but a year or two ago my face became super dry. it will become all cracky if i dont moisturize a lot, and accutane isnt helping that now haha. i used to use 100% aloe vera oil but that would take like 3 applications before the flakes would be gone. now i use cetaphil cream and that hydrates very well but makes you a tiny bit greasy. i just got jojoba oil as well but have yet to try it

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I have NEVER had oily skin. I recommend Cetaphil Cream. Yes, it is a cream but before you dismiss it, either give it a go or check out it's reviews!!

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Try CeraVe! They have a lotion and a cream. You may also want to try their hydrating face wash. You can buy them all on drugstore.com.

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