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New here....Anyone have a hacksaw?

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Hi everyone

am new here and sorry but i have so many questions. I am 28, was on the contraceptive pill from age 17 to 27 but have been hormone free for a year. I never had a problem with my skin during my teens and i only ever had one outbreak of acne when i was 18 thropugh abusing microgynon (mini pill) to delay period. I used to get the odd one around the time of my period but nothing serious.

I was on Dianette for the first bout of acne and went on and off that for a few years before transferring to the progestogen only pill (Diannette gave me migraine). Cerazette was the POP i was on and it completely stoppped my periods which i was told was completely normal so i carried on with it for a year. During that year the my skin steadily grew worse and not having periods was unnerving me so i asked for another option and had the coil fitted (non hormonal - just plain copper). I was told to allow 3-6 months for my periods to come back and to come back if i had any problems.

Since coming off hormones altogether, it has been about 18 months and still no period. My skin is a disaster and spots that i used to get on my chin and jaw line have now spread on to my cheeks. It is severely painful and they are hard cyst like lumps with almost never any pus. It has severely diminished my confidence and i now have to put on make up to cover it up (yes i know this is not good but i only ever use mineral make up and only when i go out). I have been back to the doctor many times and am only now starting to get somewhere. I was referred to a gynacologist who has now ordered an ultrasound to check for PCOS but the appointment is 3 months away and i am at the end of my tether. All my blood samples came back normal although i did have low progesterone levels on one. But testosterone, andogens etc are all within normal range and my FSH/LH levels are all in check.

So....sorry for the rant and finally onto my question(s):

I am looking into the possibility of my having oestrogen dominance and so want to buy natural progesterone cream but i dont know where to get it or what to look for in the ingredients.....can anyone recommend one and do you think it is what i need? I read that you have to take it during certain times of your cycle but i dont know where i am with mine or even if i have one as i havent had a period in over 2 years. I am normal weight and dont have a problem with hirsutism so i am not sure i have PCOS but the acne makes me think that its possible. Anyoe know Is it common to be normal weight and no problems with excess hair and still have PCOS?

If anyone out there has any similar experience or success with treatments please reply...similarly if there are any medical professionals who can offer advice please do before i hole myself up forever.

Thanks for listening..


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Hi there.

Welcome to acne.org and wow, i feel ya. Hmm i personally think that your body is probably readjusting its hormonal balance after you went off pills that u have been using for a long time. It could be that the breakout is a side effect. I can't say for sure of course. It could also be PCOS as u pointed out since 18 months is a really long time. I would advice against self treating though, especially when it comes to hormones. If you don't know what you're doing then you could make it a lot worse.

I suggest you try to see another doctor or tell them you can't wait for 3 months. As for the breakouts...don't pick or anything. You can try Dan's method to keep it in control. There's so much information you can find in these forums. Accutane is a good options if your cysts are really severe but before your acne treatment, i suggest u see a gynae and solve your hormonal problems first. If that can help reduce or eliminate the acne, well then that would be a better option than accutane.

Good luck and remember, you're not alone with the acne bit. All of us suffer it to different extents. Just have some faith and don't give up.

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