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It looks as though it can get good results

but do you notice how everyones skin color is stripped right back. I wouldn't like to look a bleach white forever...freaky.

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I'm sorry, :oops: but it looks like they just put make-up on them and changed the lighting in order to make them look better.If you notice, all of the pics the before are different lighting, and the people have no make-up, but in the afters, the reverse is true. Also, the man has a beard, which is obscuring his scars/results.

I don't want to dash your hopes, or put it down, as I know nothing about this procedure, but I don't like to rely on pictures, because with the right lighting, I don't even have scars in pics.

On a more positive note, does anyone know anyone who's had this?

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I don't know too much about makeup and it's concealing power, But how could it cover up that first women. She has got some pretty big indentation in the middle of her cheeks. But yes i can see how they have manipulated the lighting effects.

Doesn't Exoderm melt the layers of the skin peeling it right back. It is really expensive and it can take heaps to recover from. I can't see why these shots aren't real considering the serious nature of the exoderm peel. We are talking about something that is heaps more powerful than your average glycolic peel.

Do a search on it there is even some forum board where people discuss their exoderm procedures.

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