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I'm feeling so down at the moment :confused: I'm meeting a girl I've been talking to for 1-2 months on MSN and through text messages tomorrow (friday).

We got a lot in common and we both think we look cute but there is no such thing as love yet or anything.

But why am I feeling down you ask? Well because I broke out very badly yesterday all over my forehead and a little on my cheeks. It's funny really because I have been getting clear and on the pictures I've sent you can't see any acne. I really don't want to meet up with this mess my 1% confidence I have been building up has gone negative again :(

I think I will just tell her today that my face is covered in acne and scars and it makes me feel really insecure about myself and see how she will react. Then drink a few beers before meeting and pretend I don't care about it.


I could make up an excuse and just ehm.. :/ meh can't do that since she canceled all her plans =/ guess I should tell her then but how? Anyone got any idea? or should i not tell her and surprise her! girls like surprises right?

but seriously I guess i will look in the mirror tomorrow and see from there what to do. I don't really care that much about my scars but more about the active acne and it also hurts when i raise my eyebrows.

Oh well any advice is welcome, thanks for reading anyway <3

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dont not go and cancel on her...she canceled all of her plans and she'd be really mad if you didnt go.. i did that once before.. just go no matter what

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Don't cancel! She's probably just as nervous about meeting you as you are about meeting her, thinking, god, he's going to think my thighs are fat, my hair is frizzy, my nose is bigger than it looks in pictures...whatever. I'd bet a lot that she's self-conscious about something, too.

She's agreed to meet with you because she enjoys talking with you, not because of your pretty face :) Girls aren't as visual as guys and your zits aren't going to bother her as much as they're bothering you. Don't think about how you look, think about how much fun it's going to be to meet her in person. If you're self-conscious and hung up about your imperfections, then you're not going to give your personality a chance to shine through and dazzle her.

Have fun!

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Don't stress it and go on your date. I remember when my acne was real bad and I went out with so many girls, because my personality shined. Then my acne cleared up completley, and I became cocky and arrogant because I knew I looked good, and it got me no where, because I thought I was too good for any girl. I went a whole year without going out with any girl or dating, because my personality was lacking. I worked out whore the best clothing possible and I noticed I was better off when I had acne with girls. I realized I was emphasizing way to much on looks. Just be your self and BELIEVE ME the girl will not care about your acne. I want to let you know I now how you feel about your acne, Its bad I know. But I have also learned that girls are more about personality than how good you look. Take carez and best of luck on your date

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I'm on the same boat as you are except i'll be meeting the girl in 10 days.I'm scared as hell to have another breakout. Normally when i'm with friends i'm really a funny guy but i can't be that comfortable with girls.So you're not alone:) But pog's reply makes sense and it relieved me, I wish the same for you. Let us know how things went..

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Well said Pog!!

Shine shine shine....let your personality SHINE.


Make sure you have flowers in hand...or something ......just dont show up with a cactus....haha...

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