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HELP with Fraxel laser!!!!! URGENT.

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Unfortunately, about 2 or 3 months ago, my acne was at the worst stage.

I tried to many thing and finally lemon & tarozac worked for me.

However, it left behind so much scars...worse than ever.

And now I'm trying my best to get rid of it. I guess my only option is laser.

I went to the cosmetic surgeon today. They quote 5 Fraxel, 5 Microdermabration & skin care package for $4300. Is that a good price? $900 for each Fraxel alone.

Do you think I should try Fraxel? I'm not sure how bad my scars are. Below are the picture.

Some input please. I really need it. I just hate covering them up with all the foundation everytime I go out.

ps. I also have huge pore. Can laser remove that?

Sorry if i gross you guys out.

Pix of the acne started:

Pix of my scars now:









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your scarring resembles mine except my was the result of accutane IB.

how long have you been using tazorac?

i would suggest sticking with tazorac for at least several more months as it supposedly helps with scarring after extended use (like 6mths to at least a year). if you dont see any improvement with that then perhaps go with professionally done TCA cross... i dont think you'd see great results with microderm or fraxel to be honest.

i also suggest that you shop around for dermatologists and see which one seems to be best most genuine and helpful. most are out to take your money, don't let any derm just talk you into a treatment. also ask to see before and after pictures of their work.

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^ I'd been using Tarozac for more than 3 months.

I also used Benzaclin at some point but it caused peeling skin and redness so I go back once a while. There's minocycline for internal.

THe doctor I went to was helpful but she's 1 hour away and there's a $100 buck fee everty time I see her. She's a dermatologist, not cosmetic surgeon so she doesn't deal with laser treatment.

The scars faded a lot but I'm just worrying it'll never go away. That's why I consider laser.

So I should stay with Tarozac. Should I try other laser treatment or chemical peel?

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Ahh, your acne pics bring back wonderful memories of my teenage years,

After seeing your severe acne pics, you are lucky to have as little scarring as you do. The scars don't look too deep. A lot of what you're seeing is red marks that should fade. As long as you scarring isn't too deep, you will be able to get good improvement using either peels or laser. Shop around and see what derms have to say. Your skin may not be absolutely perfect, but I bet it will look pretty good. Just don't get caught up in being a perfectionist about your skin.

Here's a pic that shows scarring somewhat similar to yours that has been treated by laser. You have to be careful when looking at before and after pics because derms only show the pics of patients that turned out well. If I were you I would be optimistic about my scars looking much better after treatment.



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I think fraxel is a good way forward - my dermatologist had pictures of someone with skin that was like that - and the after was great. I think restore might be good for you. Restore + time will make the redness much better. For tthe indentation, fraxel repair might even out the skin better but the redness/downtime can be a bit much. Never believe their 3 week claim :) Always account for more time. Its CO2 after all.

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Should I try microderm first to see if it's improved?

I stopped using Tarozac because my skin keeps peeling and super dry within the next day.

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