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when to surgically remove cyst?

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So, i need some advice. I've had a cyst on my right cheek for about 2 months now. I've been to the dermatologist 3 times for cortisone injections which seem to temporarily help. My cyst is only very slightly raised, but it is darkened. But it feel "lump-like" when i touch it.

Today i went to the plastic surgeon. he said he could remove it for a whopping $484.00! I don't know if its worth it. I mean the cyst is pretty much flat. (For now at least.) And, i'm concerned about having to get stitches and the consequent scarring.

Could anyone who has had a facial cyst surgically removed please share their experience.


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$484 is alot of money to get one cyst removed. I know, i hate them to, but think of how many derm visits you can get for that much money. I would keep getting the injections, it will go away. Mine would do that also, and i would just keep going back, until i got on accutane and that stopped them in thier tracks.

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There is still some PUS in there, either go to an esthetician to get it removed or get another shot to kill it for good.

I agree. try going to a professional aesthetician. Once the cyst is drained, healing should be much quicker. Done right, it shouldn't leave any scars. The surgeon is just trying to rip you off for the same procedure.

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This is my very first post. I've read this website for a year but never felt the need to post any thing until now. I was in your same position recently; I had a painless flattened lump in my neck that would not go away. The lump started its life about 3 months ago as a regular pimple that never healed, and after touching it too much, turned into an inflamed red lump. I left it alone and tried drawing salves and hot compresses to bring it to a head, but nothing really worked. After the inflammation went away, I was left with a pocket of puss deep in my skin about the shape and size of a small marble. I believe it was a sebaceous cyst, and from what I've heard they usually do need to be surgically removed.

Anyway, if you research sebaceous cysts you'll eventually come upon castor oil as a possible treatment. As I said, I've used drawing salve (prid's drawing salve with Ichthammol, epsom salt salve) with some success, (some puss drained but it seemed to fill up again the next day) but not much. Hot compresses work for the short term, but the results never lasted. So as a last resort before going the surgical route, yesterday I got some castor oil from Whole Foods (about 9 bucks for a huge bottle), applied some throughout the day, and lo and behold, last night I barely touched it and a bit of puss, watery stuff, and blood came out. The entire cyst didn't drain as there was still a lump of white stuff. So I cleaned it and applied some more castor oil and went to sleep. This morning it is almost gone! There is no lump, the skin is soft and less discolored, and I can't see any white stuff below when I press down on the skin.

Apparently castor oil has lots of healing properties and is very good for the skin. There are discussions on this site and all over the internet devoted to it. I applied just a little bit to my cyst; apparently you are supposed to apply some to a square of flannel and keep it on overnight. However, just a small amount worked for me, so I can imagine a compress soaked in it will work even better. Please check it out! I hope it works for you. And people, if you try it and find that it works, please spread the word so that others can avoid unnecessary surgeries.

Apparently you need to get cold pressed castor oil, which is only available at a health food store. You can get castor oil at walmart, but not the cold pressed variety. I'm not sure there is a difference, frankly. But as I said, I huge bottle of the stuff at Whole Foods for 9 bucks is a lot cheaper than $400 + to get it surgically removed.

Best of luck to you all!

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I've had a cyst on my left cheek for years. For like the first year and half it would just get infected, balloon up and eventually go down to normal but i could feel some thing under my skin. Then this past 6 months it's causes scarring and redness/blueness/purpleness lol. I hate my GP the happyflowers said i could do NOTHING about the cyst 1 1/2 years ago when i went to check it out and because i had NO previous skinn issues, i didnt think twice about it.

I still havent had it removed, just trying antibiotics and creams for it. Wish i had of seen a dermatologist 2 years ago though. I wouldnt of midned a control scar instead of this piece of shit i have now.

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I too have had a cyst on my face for almost 2 years now. I have been back and forth back and forth to the Dermatologist, and also been to see a plastic surgeon. The Dermatologist thought this was a sebbacious Cyst, howver the surgous thought it was an acne cyst (on the count that I have a few spots surrounding this area, which i dont know if it is due to me touching that part of my face because i'm paranoid or what?!)

So now I have been on every type of Acne medication possible and now am trying Roaccutane. This is now the last Medicated option at the Dermatologist as the Plastic surogeon wouldnt touch my cyst until I had tried all medicated options before. I have only been on roaccutane for a couple of days and I still have a few months to go. After that if no avail the I guess the surgeon was wrong and it is sebbacious.

I have followed this option as I too am scared of scarring and surgery on my face...So I guess my advice is to try all options before going for surgery. It doesnt help the time factor, but at the end of it I might have avoided scarring....Also paying all that money, and then possibly have a cyst return again would just frustrate you more.

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I owe mspromenade a huge "THANK YOU!" I've been applying castor oil to a cyst on my cheek which has been plaguing me for about year. I am absolutely baffled by the result! This is the first treatment that has actually worked.

If you have a sebaceous cyst, give castor oil a-go for a week or so.

Thanks again mspromenade.

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