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should i go back on proactive?

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should i go back on proactive? my face is really red and the toner helps right? if i can rememerb i think it does.. and tell me y or y should i. i still have 3 quarters left of a whole cycle

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proactiv caused these bumps to form under my skin... it shows up sometimes. i am on the regimen now and it caused some bumps to shrink but if i can still feel it even though they're not noticeable.

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I used Proactiv, the whole 3 part system, for over a year. I got frustrated because I still had breakouts. Then I found acne.org. I started using the regimin and it worked! But I didn't like the Neutrogena because it's sticky and doesn't work well under makeup.

So this is my current regimin that works for me (morning and night):

1. Cleanse with Purpose Bar. (3-4 mornings per week I use Avon Sugar Scrub instead for the exfoliation.)

2. Proactiv toner (this is optional, I only use it at night to take off excess makeup)

3. Proactiv lotion (2.5% Benzoil Peroxide)

4. Moisturizer (Suave or Avon Daily)

What I learned from the acne.org regimin was the importance of moisturizing. When I used Proactiv before, I didn't moisturize, so my skin would get irritated and breakout! Plus I think the exfoliation is just as important as cleansing. I highly recommend the Avon Sugar Scrub.

I have been using this regimin for about 9 months and I have virtually no breakouts.

You can purchase a Proactiv kit with 2 lotions and one toner, or 3 lotions. I believe Proactiv is more cost effective than any other 2.5 BP out there.

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How about using a combination of proactiv BP and other BP like Quinoderm. I just feel I want to try something stronger, and also to make the proactiv set last longer. Would maybe Quioderm 5/10% at night and Proactiv in the mornings work? Could there be any problems with alternating with brands so regularly.

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Using a BP that is stronger than 2.5% can cause irritation and excessive dryness. I haven't tried Quinoderm, though. Of course everyone is different, so you may not experience these reactions.

IMO, If you purchase the Proactiv set with 3 repairing lotions instead of the other products, you end up saving money. The set is like $45 including shipping and tax (if I remember correctly) and I personally go through only one bottle every 6 weeks. You'd go through at least 2-4 bottles of other BP products at $3.95 - $8.95 a pop.

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I currently receive a 3 piece system that consists of a cleanser and two repairing lotions. I emailed them about getting 3 repairing lotions and nothing else but they said it couldn't be done and that I could only choose out of the options they provided in the website. How did you change the order?

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Well, I had quit the autoship club, and later got a mailing that offered the custom packs. But I have also changed the kit contents by calling customer service 1 (800) 876-9717 Currently I get 2 repairing lotions and one toner.

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