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My Regimen - WHICH WORKED!

Okay, so I have just signed up after being a lurker on here for a long long time.

Though this is my successful regimen, I'm not completely happy with my skin (picky much?). What i've been ecstatic about though, is that I have much, much clearer skin and i'm just left with red cheeks and a bit of eczema on my chin (which i've always had anyways). Battle one thing at a time, right?

I've been on minomycin, duac gel, clindatech, eryacne, differin and I've tried many, many cleansers/otc creams (too many to list). I have also tried the OCM with jojoba and evoo, PC's BHA and more

My skin glowsnow. I'm going to boast about it here because hell, I've always dreamt of glowing clear skin and now i've pretty much got it.

I used to get painfully large cysts on my forehead that seemed to pop up all of a sudden and take ages to settle. Yes, i'd try to bust them and i'd be left with awful hyperpigmentation, which would take even longer to fade (still a few shadowy dots up there). My cheeks would always be bumpy, congested and sometimes get the cysts too.

It was one day, earlier in the year that two awfully large pimples came up on my forehead (I blame the heavy makeup I wore to a party beforehand). I was supposed to visit my boyfriend's the next day, so in desperation I squeezed, squeezed, squeezed - then applied a lot of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar UNDILUTED. Most stupid mistake. evar.

Next day, I woke up with (chemical?) scarring, dark bruisey looking, peeling off skin on my forehead. It was horrible and I freaked out and cried for an hour before I had the guts to ring my friend. When she came over and saw what I had done to myself, her jaw dropped.

"Oh my god. what the f****"

Yes, it was bad.

I slapped on bandaids and went for a bit of retail shopping (don't know how I managed to walk around for hours with disney charactered bandages on my forehead)

Fast forward...

It was this incident that actually led me to having the clear skin I've got now...

What I did was I stopped the cleanser, moisturiser - ANYTHING

(was recommended not to use anything as it'd aggravate the scarring)

except ROSEHIP OIL to help with the scars

During this time, I developed no pimples, anything left on my cheeks eventually disappeared a lot quicker. My skin started to glow.

So, once scarring healed I realised this was it, I was also too lazy to go back to using any products besides the rosehip:


  1. Wash with water ONLY (no cleanser, not even cetaphil!) and use a face washcloth or a gentle facial brush
  2. While face is still damp, apply 1-3 drops of rosehip oil (I use the brand trilogy), massage this in as a moisturiser
  3. Apply sunscreen (I use Lancome UV EXPERT Neuroshield, Olay is great too)


  1. Wash with water ONLY (no cleanser, not even cetaphil!) and use a face washcloth or a gentle facial brush
  2. Optional - 1:2 Apple Cider Vinegar and Green Tea, as a toner applied with makeup remover pad
  3. While face is still damp, apply 1-3 drops of rosehip oil (I use the brand trilogy), massage this in as a moisturiser

For the girls on here, I don't wear makeup, if I do, it'd be eyeliner/mascara and sometimes just a bit of mineral powder (Jane Iredale applied with a CLEAN MAC 187), which comes off easily when you scrub with the face cloth. So I don't know how this would hold up if you use heavier foundation or such. If any of you have an oily t-zone like me in summer, Clinique Pore Minimizer Lotion is perfect. I prefer it to using MAC Blot powder. I really recommend trying to cease the use of foundation. It is hard finding one that does not clog pores, plus with using no cleanser it'd be harder to take off. Even mineral powders can feel a bit icky on me.

I also have to say that i'm religious with using sunscreen, i don't want my pigmentation to get any worse and i do think it helps with keeping smoother skin!

Now I don't think just minimizing the beauty routine will stop acne. Diet also contributes to my clearer skin-

I am on Blackmores Zinc tablets (1 or 2 daily) and I take 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar daily (I hold my nose and quickly drink a lot of water immediately!).

I don't drink normal milk, whatever I have I make sure it is soy.

I don't drink Orange Juice as much. I dilute it if i'm craving it (this was all I ever wanted to have)

Truthfully, I still eat a lot of red frog lollies and crap like mcdonalds, I haven't completely weaned myself off the bad food (but I promise I will!)

Results were quick (as said, while my scars were still healing, I realised the acne was disappearing). I'd say it took me 2 weeks to see that I wasn't getting any new pimples. Its been a few months now, I've waited this long just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

So thats pretty much it, I'm just looking forward to ridding the left of pigmentation from the acne! (I'm thinking retinoids)

++ Obviously, i'm not here to say this is going to work for you, i'm merely reflecting on my discovery. Plus, yes, I have gotten the rare odd bump on my face, but nowhere near to the cysts I used to have, just small clogged pore that goes away quick - nothing will ever be perfect!

Goodluck! :dance:

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i get wierd bumps on my face to since ive changed my diet/routine. i'm not sure what it is, might be acne but no point forms. so what is it you think that causes the glow? the rosehip oil or that with the sunblock.

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probably the things you put on your face.

so you're saying apple cider vinegar and that oil cured your acne?

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