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electronic music, downtempo,indie, you know experimental:D but imogen heap is such an artist that I could compare her with bjork:D

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oh actually this pc is very bad one and I cant do much to post something from them but you can just go to the youtube and lissen something,ANYTHING of them and I am shure if you have good taste youre gonna love them...:)

oh and tell me if you like them ;)

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I'll find out tomorrow, because right now it's 4am, my room is next to my parents, I don't have headphones, the walls are paper thin and my mom is a really light sleeper =\.

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ahahah I wouldnt suggest u lissen them right now either,haha,,,anyway just dont forget to lissen them(uh I am very obbsesive person and I want you to like them,uf:P)...well right now to me is only 1pm and my mom is with eyes wide open:P

by the way this is imogen heap

ups I thought I posted one image of her but damn this bad pc :rolleyes:

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yeah frou frou rules:), and their music IS very emocional,and by the way,one reason why I like them so much is cos they make me happy,while every other group or song I lissen just makes me sad,whatever the gender is...keep cheking 'em ;)

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