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has there been a stressful event in your life

So i suffer from acne. Usually get 1-2 pustules and have blackheads and whiteheads... sometimes i'm totally clear.

Over the past two months I have broken out on the jawline area with cysts and boils below the jawline.

Acne and boils has shown a relationship to stress.

I usually heal fast but its not healing and more is coming out. And its actually not responding to anything.

So what happened in the last two months....Finally realized my mom may die and well we had a fight so i been stressing that that will be my last memory of her....Ended a really stressful relationship which left me crying everynight for a month, and me and my friends started a new business. This all occured at once. I realized that i have a lingering anger at the guy i dated and my mom. I have been reading studies which are trying to find a link between acne and anger. I feel that my acne wont heal because i wont let go of my anger which developed coincidently when my breakout started.

I'm asking everyone who has had a recent major breakout to share whether something causing frustration and lingering anger has occurred in their life. I think the panacea maybe to just try and let go

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I've also recently broken out on my jawline, a place where I have not had more than 5 spots in my lifetime, and those 5 were very, very small and barely noticeable. I also broke out worse than usuall in other nomal areas.

I did, also have a fairly stressfull event that I'm not quite wanting to share. Conviently just before it I was starting to clear up <_<. Just before it I was also pretty much stress free.

Right now I'm experiancing fairly constant anxiety and paranoia, along with common stress, I really wish one person could not take life so seriously and I could stop worrying about this =\.

Not just incase it's causing my recent severation of my acne, but the mental effects of it are dragging me down quite a bit.

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