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What faith?  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Most Correct.

    • Jewish
    • Christian
    • Muslim
    • Hindu
    • Sikh
    • Scientologist
    • Wiccan
    • Atheist
    • Other

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Michael's Religion, which is sadly not on the list of main religions, but in my lifetime will be someday. It combines the 7 Deadly Sins with String Theory, Dark Matter, and Metaphysics, sprinkled with a little Jesus Christ and Budda, and mixed with a little Big Bang, and put into Einstein's favorite beverage.

Michael's Religion - the only religion to be followed by anyone who is smart.

LOL! at all the atheist in here. God surely won't help ya'll now! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Flying Spaghetti Monsterism

But, there can't be such a thing as the flying spaghetti monster. I mean, what about the Invisible Pink Unicorn? D:

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Other. Umm... Let's just say I believe in a higher force, however not in any of the conventional ones.

You forgot buddhism and shintoism.

i put an "other" category for the etc... lol

oh yeah atheism is owning the poll right now

And necro, who gives a shit?

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Oh my goodness I didn't know there were so many atheists! Yes, I'm christian, that is I believe in Christ (and love him so much!) but some would say I'm not christian, but let's not get into that!

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