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New DIM user experiment

After briefly reviewing the 62 pg thread, I have decided to start posting on this forum since I noticed that people who had tried DIM stopped writing in this thread after a while. Although some people believe that it was due to failed DIM trials, I have found evidence in some posts that the people who succeeded (eg valy_123 and nfallin000) merely disappeared because the DIM worked for them. I believe one post read that although DIM had stopped working after 1 week, he was able to continue benefitting from DIM use as long as it was used in combination with taurine. I started DIM today and will pick up some taurine and b-complex 25 tomorrow from vitamin shoppe. Will keep all posted as to the results.

DAY 1-immediate mood change

So far, I noticed an immediate change in my mood along the lines of how someone would feel after taking magnesium for the first time. I dont believe in the one pill cure for acne. Rather after looking at the regimens of some success stories leads me to believe that the root cause is probably a combination of imbalanced hormones and insuline resistance for some. Personally, I know for a fact that I have hormone imbalance because I have been acne free for long periods of time on birth control. But I am experimenting with supplements because I am looking for something that will both prevent outbreaks and gynecological cancers that were linked to birth control use in the past. Recent studies cannot confirm the correlation between breast cancer and birth control use. Seeing that drug companies are powerful entitities, and the jury still being out on that one, I decided to start a trial of 'natural' supplements to see if the theory of hormonal imbalance pans out. Bringing taurine on board with the DIM trial will allow me to pursue the other possibility which is that I maybe insulin insensitive. Until the next development....

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I have been taking DIM and finished one bottle

In my case it doesnt help me since my acne is a symptom of candida....

But I still take it since it seems to be good for overall health

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DIM is not working longtime!!! Maybe in the first weeks its working, later many people got bad breakouts, the DIM thread has shown, DIM is not a good idea to treat acne.

Longtime success storys? Not one!!!!!

There is more success (story) maybe on broccoli-extract-pills!

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yeah it caused pretty major problems for me, major mood swings and BAD acne. I've learned that taking supplements that no one really knows much about to alter my hormones is a BAD IDEA! If you have a hormonal imbalance, try working out more! getting in your cardio helps to flush excess hormones from the body. A diet rich in fruits and veggies also helps to balance the hormones naturally. I also personally find that dairy seems to aggravate my testosterone levels (more oily etc), but that might not hold for everyone. Good luck!

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