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Y am I keep on having acne?

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Mum bought a MANIFYING person would see what is on their skin thourgh this mirror.

The story begun when I went into mum's room, in order to take some tissue. I was curious about the mirrow that she bought just now. As the mirrow came with an internal built flash light, I dun need to switch on the light to see into the mirror. Wow...I was SHOCKED that mirror is just like snow white's story magic mirror...you can see each of your pore when you look into it. After that, I called mum, dad, sis and bro to look inside the mirror about their skin. Their skin is perfect and sis skin pore is the finest.You can't even see it..

At that moment, i felt so sceptical....what I have to do? So, I opened out my drawer..fulfiled with acne preventing products...and I discovered i bought the neutrogena® deep clean cleanser.This cleanser worked well to help me get rid of pores clogged residue.

phew......it's time for me to change my cleanser. The residue ..i think came from either neutrogena® OTC ...i wonder which one...will keep on update~...

god bless you all,



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If you look at the physiology of acne formation, pores do not get clogged from the top down. Imagine your sebacious gland as a straw with a tiny hair in the middle of it. For some reason the entire straw collapses in on itself and becomes "plugged", but this does not happen from the top of the straw down.

My point? I'm sure you are right that your pores have residue on them and this could be unsightly under magnification, but I do not think this is causing acne. Perhaps this is simply the cleanser getting stuck in tiny scars or enlarged pores. Still, may as well choose a cleanser which leaves you without the residue.


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