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Dry skin problem

Hi guys.. I've been copying the regimen religiously but using oxy facial wash, quinoderm and t-zone balancing moisturizer instead as the shipping costs on the products from this site is way too much for me..

It has been going fine for the past few days and my spots have gone down a hell of alot but just now my skin randommly decided to tighten up all of a sudden and i looked in the mirror and the bottom half of my face had loads of shedded skin all over it..

I tried several things to get rid of it but in the end i had to use some horrible body shop exfoliator and moisturizer which worked, but the body shop products make my acne worst really quickly..

Does anyone have any idea why this happened?? I also had not long got out of the shower (20 minutes).. if that makes any difference..

Thanks to anyone who can hopefully give me an idea why this happened so i can do something about it and start getting rid of my spots again!



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hmm... I asume that ur moustiurizer is water based. am i correct??

if so it is not doing a great job of moustirizing. another thing is how hot are ur showers and how long? this can be casuing ur skin to flake.

when my skin ends up like this I use an apricot scrub (dont scrub hard just gently w/ finger tips)(target brand has no bad ingredients ive checked) and I use clean & clear night (yes during the day too) soft oil free moisturizer. It also has no bad ingredients and keeps my skin soft and glowing

hope this helps :)

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