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Hi everyone!

Ok, so I'm new at this forum, but I've been reading around for probably a month or so.

I am from Norway, so obviously, the DKR takes some time to get all up here in Norway to me!

I started out with just cleansing my face with a "Seba Med cleanser, treatment with BP 5 % Basiron gel, and moisturize with a seba med gel, with PH 5,5 (the skins PH).

So now that I have ordered Dans whole starterkit (Yey, I am so excited! :dance: ), I also wanted to change something in my diet.

I excercise probably 7 times a week, and four of these times consists of training with weights.

I am happy with my exercise scedual, so I don't think that will be a problem! :whistle:

So this is a brief description of what I eat.

- I never eat white loaf, I eat brown bread.

- I take ONEmultivit. pill per day, with vit. A, D, E , B1, B2, Niacin, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Iron, Zink (15 mg), iodine (150 µg), copper, Mangan, chrome, selenium and magnesium. :whistle:

- I take 1 spoon with fish oil (Omega3, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Vitamin A.

- I take 1 spoon with "sana sol" - VIT A, VIT D, VIT E, VIT b1, VIT b2, Nicotinamid, b5, b6, folat, and 45 mg of vit c.

- I drink milk every day.

- I eat breadmeals three times a day.

- My mother makes very healthy dinners, very often salads, chicken, fish etc etc.

- I eat cheese, ham, jam, butter and ordinary stuff.

- I'm going to start drinking 2 ltr. of water every day!

- I'm also wondering about drinking tea, what kind of tea would you reccomend? (I get free tea, I work at a small cafeteria :dance: ). How much tea every day?

- I'm also wondering; how much sleep do I need? Some days, I sleep around 8-9 hrs. Then the next day, I can wake up tired. Some days, I sleep only 6 - 7 hrs, and I'm not tired at all! Of course, this changes every now and then.

Oh, btw, I have mild acne.

My plan is to get clear skin, and stick with the regimen at night only when skin is clear, and after a year or so, with healthy diet, I will try to stop the regimen and see how it goes!

So guys, I would LOVE some feedback on these products I eat,

what should I leave out? Do I need anything else?

I am excited! :dance:

Oh, btw, sorry for any spelling errors, I'm from Norway you know :shifty:

Maybe I'll upload some pictures in a while. ;)

Please do read through my vitamins and minerals, and give me feedback! :wub:

Thank you so much!

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Is anybody here?

You just need to read through the minerals and vitamins :(

No need pills , Make sure to drink lactose free milk...no hormones...

Rice milk is good , Unsweetened soymilk is good but not to drink :)

to much of it gives me gas... makes my stomach feel weird. :(

i use it on cereal only or smoothie

get a goat cheese or soy cheese... dunno. but cow cheese arent good.

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