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Hi everyone, maybe 4-5 months ago I started using Head and Shoulders on my back and it worked wonders for my acne, but I then I left it on my back a for a few nights and I think that's what might have caused clogged pores on my back. I don't have any pictures but this is the closest thing I could find in terms of what I have.


I have them all on my shoulders and upper mid back.

Now I don't know what to do to get rid of them any more..I've tried AHA Enhanced Lotion for 2 months and that didn't seem to work. I even tried a 70% glycolic acid and that didn't work. It worked great for the red marks, but didn't do anything for the clogged pores. Is there anything else that I can try? I can't have any special skin treatments done because i'm only 17 and my parents wouldn't go for it(they think im crazy and don't see it).

Not sure if im in the right section..:|

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Head & shoulders will do you just fine. Not bad at all. Mine was 1000 times worse.

Also, start taking zinc, selinium, vit E, NAC, Vit B5 and niacin. Acne should be treated from the inside also! It works

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