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burning questions...help?

I have a few questions, regarding a couple of things.

well let me start out by saying that i started breaking out about two years ago, it wasn't that bad in the beginning but like so many others it increased rapidly. It got pretty bad, and started out on my forehead, then moved to my cheeks.

I can happily say though that it has completely left and is under great control with only a few popping up here and there.

Obviously though (the reason i am posting on this board) i was left with horrid scars. I have been acne free for close to a year now and they are still there. I am POSITIVE it is only hyperpigmentation thank god, but its just taking forever for them to fade. Oh and trust me i am not exaggerating or being impatient.

-I was curious about going "under the knife", because i have the money for it so why not, but i know NOTHING about it so i thought i would ask you guys for some info.

-Also, i smoke cigarettes. I heard that smoking can slow the healing process, is this true?

-I also heard that smoking cigarettes can actually CAUSE acne, is this true?

-Another question of mine is, i have bangs, will hair on your face cause acne? (I don't use any gels or hairspray, and i don't condition my hair often, and my hair isn't very oily)

Oh and i already take a multi vitamin and zinc tablet daily.

Any help or answers is much appreciated.

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I don't know about the relationship between smoking and acne but you should quit anyway b/c it doesn't do you any good.

If discoloration is your only problem, you are lucky b/c that can likely be treated effectively with either skin peels or laser treatment.

Look for a good dermatologist in your area and make and appointment.

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