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where do u get acne?

i've always wondered why some ppl have more acne in some areas than others.

personally i have almost all my acne on the cheeks, and a fair bit on my temples. almost nothing on the forehead or back, and just a few spots on the jawline.

wonder why there's differences - i mean if its a genetic+hormonal thing shudnt all sebaceous glands be affected equally.

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I get mine on my jawline only. Broke out on one of my cheeks this month, but it went out.

My forehead has always been clear. My cheeks are normally clear, as well as my nose and most of the time my chin.

Its unusual because my jawline, before accutane, was the least oily on my face. The oiliest areas were my nose, forehead, and chin and they never broke out! And when I started my birth control, oh boy did my jawline not like that! It broke out into about 10 cysts. Before, I only had 1 or 2 plus a few regular pimples.

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Haha where do i start

Forhead cheeks nose chin neck shoulders back legs bikini line (sometimes bum :o haha) chest under eyebrows

aka everywhere but i'm on my second week of accutane so i'm hoping i wil be cured by the time i've finshed :D

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